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Hey folks, Glenn May here with And today, I wanna talk to you about setting
the hook on crankbaits. There’s an actual technique to this, and it
might not be what you think. And if you’ve been fishing crankbaits for
a long time and think you got it down pat, you might wanna watch anyway, because I’ve
got a few tips for you, as well. Crankbaits, by their nature, have these little
tiny treble hooks. They’re not very big. They’re thin wire, so if you set up on a fish
like you would if you’re jig fishing or worm fishing where you just reel down and boom,
pop them as hard as you could, you’re probably gonna lose that fish. For two reasons, one, you can bend the hooks
out potentially. And I’ve done that on big fish. I’ve bent the hooks on them. And also you can just rip the hooks right
out of their face, okay? They don’t have a whole lot of grip. They’re not very deep. They’re not very long. They’re small hooks. And you can just rip it right out. So don’t set them up that way. I’m gonna tell you how to do it, and then
I wanna teach you a little bit how you can train yourself to get this technique down. So first, the right way to do it. When you’re reeling and there’s a fish, bites,
all you do is, it’s a quick, kind of, a snap set. It’s not square up, set down, and reel back,
and lean into it. Don’t hit it that hard. You’re reeling, and you just kinda lift up,
like that. It’s a quick lift. It’s, kind of, a quick snap, almost a snap,
just a quick pull, kind of, a hard pull like that. That’s all you need. You don’t need it any harder than that. And sometimes the fish slam it so hard they
hook themselves. If you feel a really hard bite, you may not
even need to set the hook. But that’s all that is, all right? Now, the problem with trying to learn a new
technique, especially with a hook set is, we’ve come conditioned. As soon as we feel the bite, bam, cross his
eyes. Hit it as hard as you can. It’s a reflex. So, how do you train yourself to get the right
form down? You’ve seen videos. You’ve watched plenty of them. You know what you’re supposed to do, but how
do you actually learn how to do it? So here’s my advice for you. Cast your lure out, and you’re reeling it
in, think to yourself, “If a fish bites, don’t set the hook.” Yeah, you heard me. That’s what I just said, “If a fish bites,
don’t set the hook.” Keep reeling, reeling, reeling, that way just
keep telling yourself, because that reflex is gonna kick in as soon as the fish bites. It will, unless you keep telling yourself,
“Don’t do it. Don’t do it. Don’t do it.” Keep on yourself, mentally and finally when
a fish will bite. Resist the urge to set the hook. Just feel the fish at the end of the line. What’s gonna happen is you’re gonna learn
how long the fish will hang on until he lets go. Now, granted, some fish, like I said, will
hook themselves. You’ll actually land a few doing that. That will happen. And some people say that’s the way to fish
crankbaits. I don’t believe that because I’ve lost fish
with not setting the hook like the way I told you. But what’s important is for you to experience
how long it is between the strike, and when the fish lets go. That is important, because when you do that
a few times, now you’ve kinda trained yourself, “Hey, I got a little time. There’s a window in there, so I don’t have
to automatically knee jerk, reflex, boom, set the hook right away.” Now, you have time to stop and think, “What’s
the proper technique now for setting this hook?” So now what I want to do, after you’ve done
this three or four times, you’ve got the feel for it, cast out there. When you feel that fish bite, wait a second. How am I supposed to set the hook? Oh yeah, that’s right. Glenn said, “Kind of a quick pull-up.” That’s what it is, not hard, hard hit. It’s a quick pull. That’s what I should be doing, okay? That’s how you train yourself. You’ve gotta reset, kinda start over on setting
the hook, and how that fish bites. But that is what’s gonna help you learn how
to set the hook better on crankbaits. You’re gonna land more fish that way. You’re gonna catch a lot more fish. I hope that helps. For more tips and tricks like this, visit

18 thoughts on “How To Set The Hook On A Crankbait (This Works!) | Bass Fishing

  • I have gotten into the habit of a sweeping motion which developed from cranking on a kayak due to the lack of leverage. It works everytime.

    Those who have a tendency to lay the hammer should definitely look into medium power moderate action rods using mono to be more forgiving on those knee jerk reactions.

  • Mustad KVD trebles are the stickiest hooks on the market. I’ll upsize to #2 hooks for a 1.5. Those fish are hooked if they touch that hook they’re that good. Sweeping the rod like a Carolina rig is how I tend to set the hook with a crankbait.

  • When I’m pre-fishing for a tournament without hooks on my baits, it is surprising how long fish will hold on to a bait. I’ve reeled multiple fish all the way to the boat

  • You and your wife think of the most simplest things that are signify important ,AWESOME AWESOME !!!πŸ‘ŠπŸ‘ŠπŸ‘πŸ‘

  • Crank baits and finesse baits I've got whooped- it's worms and jigs and such that give me problems. The issue is that I was a bait fishermen for years and years who use circle hooks and live bait- and you don't set the hook with circle hooks. So now I'm having to train myself to set the hook when I catch a fish- and that when I'm fishing heavy wire hooks to really set it good- and when I'm fishing a frog set it like I mean to jerk the bottom out of the lake. Frogs are really giving me grief- not only am I having issues learning to walk a frog- I'm having real trouble setting the hook good enough to land a fish when I'm in my kayak. The kayak moves toward the fish and you lose about half of your setting power. If I'm cast out 90 degrees to the kayak, off starboard for instance- and I'm both anchored and staked out with a park-n-pole- and there's no room for me to move- then I can set the hook and land the fish. But if I'm not setup perfectly it's not happening. Fishing Bobby's Perfect frogs seems to help a bit, lighter wire hooks- but that's the only real help I can find. Well- I just bought a longer heavy rod for frogging to- hoping the 7' 6" Abu Garcia Vengeance will give me a little more juice. Any suggestions?

  • I joke but I say we have to train our selves just like ya train a dog. just without the treats. They do work however. lol

  • I don't have any problem remembering to do this with crankbaits. setting the hook with frogs is what I have the most trouble with I never can remember to wait that whole two seconds….had 11 strikes on a frog last summer only hooked up with

  • I find a lot of the times with crnakbaits they hook themselves, but I tend to lose them a lot. By the time I find out I have a fish after it, the fish is usually hooked, albeit not very well. Idk his to fix that though

  • Hey I just bought inline hooks and I replace one of my square bills with the inline hooks. Do you think that is a good move to take the treble hooks off and replace them with the inline singles?

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