How to rig a softbait on to different hooks [jighead, offset hook, dropshot]

hey fishing friends my name is Simon and
I want to show you how I rig my softbaits onto several types of hooks
properly rigging your softbaits is one of the fundamental things you need to
know when you’re fishing with them so let’s dive straight into it
first up the type of hook that I use most often a jig head it’s a smart trick
to first measure out on a soft bait where the hook should come out at
mark that spot insert the hook through the head of the
soft bait and Pierce it all the way through the body until the measured
point I personally find it quite important to keep the hook relatively
close to the top of the soft bait rather than too much into the belly of the bait this way I’ll make sure that the soft bait will be straight and you have the hook point far out of the bait I always like to have it about this far so the
hook point is relatively exposed like this I’m confident that I will hook
almost every fish that takes the bait just tie it to your leader and you’re
ready to catch your fish next up the offset hook the offset hook is a
commonly used hook when fishing a Texas rig or Carolina rig but it can also come
in handy when fishing it on a drop shot rig this way you can fish precisely in
structures where the chance of getting stuck is high first you insert the hook
through a small part of the head and let the hook come out of the belly side of
the bait slide the bait all the way up to the hook and flip it around like this
now you can measure the spot where your hook should come out of the bait for a
natural presentation pierce the hook straight through the lure body the hook
should now align with the body of the bait some soft baits even have a special
slot for the offset hook to hide in you can now use this setup for your Texas
Carolina cheburashka or drop shot rig and fish it without getting snagged in
the structures where the fish are hiding with the drop shot hook there’s a lot of
options to rig your softbait first you can nose hook your bait by doing so your bait
is free to move sideways on your hook and chances on getting a good hook set
are high this type of rigging also makes the soft
bait move a bit slower and more subtle through the water rigging it by piercing
the hook through the bait like a jig head makes your bait move way more
actively all the movements you make with your rod directly transfer into the bait
on some days this can really make the difference and also on some days fishing
your bait in a wacky style can be really the trick what could ever look more like
a wounded fish than a wacky fish to softbait so these were my quick soft baits
rigging tips but now it’s up to you don’t forget to like the video if you found it
helpful and make sure to subscribe to my youtube channel so you won’t miss any of
my future fishing videos thanks peace out

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