How to make Teddy Bear soap. DIY & Handicraft.

How to make Teddy Bear soap. DIY & Handicraft We shall need: Special silicone mold with two cuts Pasteur pipette to fill the small details M&P soap base Oil Fragrance “Blackberry” Pigments Alcohol We determine the sequence of actions We start to fill the rose, then leaves, stem and muzzle In the melted base we add a little colorant  and titanium dioxide To avoid the soap base to be harden, put it in a cup of hot water We spread the form with an alcohol and fill the rose To prevent the soap base of the pipette from solidification, wash it in hot water Now we will pour the leaves and stem We spread the rose with alcohol and fill the green base If it did not work very carefully, correct it with the toothpick We scratch every detail for later filling Now we will pour the muzzle For the main part you can be mix white and transparent base Add oil… … pigments … and fragrance If the gap is forming between the parts and the form, before casting the main color close them with a thin layer of soap base Sprinkle with alcohol, close the form, exactly fit the cuts and fix with rubber bands After a couple of hours we gently pull out the bear out of the mold Within acrylic paint we draw his eyes and his nose If you got a little sloppy, correct it with a subtle instrument Decorate the rose with a pearl … … and colour Teddy Bear cheeks with a pink This is your wonderful Teddy Bear It’s a cute from all sides, isn’t he 😉 Thumbs UP & Subscribe on “Soap Fantasy” 😉

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