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hi I’m Sophie and welcome to my world
a little while back rubber bands were all the rage and you know it inspired me
to come up with something different for an ornament this year and so I’ve come
up with a rubber band ornament and I’m going to show you how to make that right
now for this project you will need a two-inch Styrofoam ball small colored
rubber bands ball ended pins one-and-a-half inches long and paper
clips take our little ball here and put one pin in the top and one pin in the
bottom part of the reason for creating this project was I had all these rubber
bands leftover from when the rubber band bracelet craze was so big and I just had
to come up with something okay so now I’ve got two points one point two point
take my first rubber band and just wrap it from the top and snap it on the
bottom and you can just do this all the way around your ball see that and you
just start making your ornament and what’s fun about this again this is one
of those kind of Zen crafts it’s just kind of fun you just kind of I’m making
patterns now you can pull the little ball out as much as you need it I mean
that in itself is a pretty pretty cool little ornament it is it you know and
you can keep adding and you can mix colors but then once you’ve done this
the next step is to add more pins so I’m going to put some pins around the center
so I’m going to do a north south east and west so I’ve got my two
poles and then I’m gonna do north south east west and let’s take some more
colors and now I’m just going to start looping these guys you can start seeing
all these cool geometric shapes happening to now watch what this is kind
of fun I like this one so you take one at the top then take it down to
one of the middles and then pull it over to make a triangle isn’t that fun and you
can mix and match so that they go over top of each other making all these
different cool shapes then once you’re tired of doing that you can put one in
the middle and now you can get diamonds let’s do a dark blue so you can see it
so you go from there to there to there to there and you start getting diamonds
see that then you can put one in between like that now when you’re all done it’ll
look something like this as you can see but I’m gonna add the hanger right now
here so all I’m going to do is take a paperclip and I’m gonna open it
up all the way oh you could just do this with a little piece of wire too if you
have it but I’m trying to make this like an office project
okay so take one side of your paper clip and the other side your paper clip and
just push it down on in and make yourself a little hanger and then you
can take a second paperclip open it up a tiny little bit slip it in and there
you’ve got your hanger so I’m gonna just keep going because this is
awful fun and there you have it your very own
rubber band geometric ornament you can have so much fun just let your kids go
to town and they are going to create the most beautiful things out of all those
leftover rubber bands for more fun ideas check us out at

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