How to make newspaper basket

To make this basket you need: newspaper tubes, scissors, a thin needle,
glue and a container to give shape. To make these tubes divide
a sheet of newspaper in 4 parts and roll using a thin needle. Paint them to make colored tubes. Take 8 dark blue tubes. Divide them in 4 groups of 2 tubes each. Place 2 groups parallel to each other. Place the third group onto
the first and beneath the second. Place the last group beneath
the first and onto the second. Take a light blue tube
and bend it in the middle. Place it around one edge. Now cross the tubes to take the upper
tube below and bring the lower tube up. Complete 2 rounds. Now weave by dividing the
tubes in groups of two. Again complete two rounds. Seperate the tubes and continue weaving. Weave one round with dark blue. Bend the tubes inward. Place the container on the base. Turn these tubes in opposite direction. Now continue weaving to make the walls. Change one tube to light blue. Cut extra length. Make space using a needle. Insert this tube inside. Take a tube and bend it
from behind the next one. Insert the last tube
into the first loop. Take a tube and insert
it in the next loop. Insert the last tube
in the first loop. Cut extra length. Apply glue.

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