How to Make Lidded Vessels : Trimming a Pot Lid on the Pottery Wheel

Now we’re going to finish off this little
pot here. What you want to do, remember, I threw this off of the wheel, off that mound
and I made to where there is very little clean up. So right now all I have to do, find the
center of your wheel, and the wheel head should have these little round marks going around
and around. And that can guide you to try to find the center. It doesn’t have to be
perfect because we’re just cleaning it up. So there, we’ve got that centered. Take a,
just take your metal rib and be careful, make sure your hands are dry. Make sure the rib
is dry. Just simply put it right on top. Whoop! You can secure this with some clay, so that
doesn’t happen, but it’s no big deal just, we’re going to put some stuff on top here
anyway. See, that’s the only clean up we had to do with this guy. We didn’t have to trim
it. We didn’t have to waste any clay, waste any time. Now we’ve got our lid. Nice and
ready. We’ll put some little accents on it right there.

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