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this will show how to do lettering on a crochet piece I have my tapestry needle and a long piece of yarn this is a good way to use up scrap yarn I’m going to make the letter P by using the embroidery chain stitch I just insert my hook here at the bottom through a stitch and you can make them any size that you want to take your needle and insert it close to where you pulled your yarn up and now and put it through to the back and up to the front this will determine how big your stitches are and then pull like this and you’ve made your first chain now I like to loop the loop over here to the left side hold it with my thumb insert the needle where you came up at the top of the stitch put it to the back and then back up to the front you’ll continue doing this until you get the straight part of your letter as tall as you want it I probably should have started over a little bit further now I’m ready to start shaping the rounded section of the P and I’m not following any guideline or anything I’m starting to shape the front part of the pea now to end it I want to insert my hook just above the loop that I just made and put it to the back now I’ve completed my P and I know it looks a little bit funny you all want to knot it here on the back a couple of times and since this is going to be on the inside we don’t have to worry about some of the tails in if you’re working with a scarf or something you’ll want to hide the tails between the threads just like that without the knot and cut it off this will be the letter G I’ve made a temporary guide by weaving a piece of yarn in the shape of the letter G so as I move along I’ll pull this yarn out as I progress with my letter I’m going to start by inserting my needle from the bottom to the top leaving a little length on the back here to sew in later I want to remove this part and insert the needle to the back and into the front insert the needle to the back up to the front and try to follow my temporary guide I want to make sure I’m not catching it here so I want to pull it through let’s see here if I made a mistake and maybe I want to put it out a little bit farther with this point right here I just pulled this loop up like this and then it unravels just like that so just depending on how far back you want to go now I like this a little bit better I’m here on the home stretch and I can just pull out the rest of this now and this completes the letter G so you can wing it like I did with the letter P or follow a guide like I did with the letter G you can see the letter G with a little bit neater than the letter P this is how I set up the guide this will be the letter S so I’m just kind of weaving the yarn through the stitches in the shape that I want it and now I have a guide for the letter s I have my new color ready and I’m going to run it up through the backside and leave a little tail here I’m gonna start making my chain embroidery stitch and I’m following the yarn guide or I’m here at the curves so this part might need a little extra attention to get it just right I’m going back at the other curve just continuing to insert my hook through the previous stitch and push it up catch in the loop and it’s almost the same as a crochet chain stitch really similar I’m going to go ahead and pull my guide out and Here I am on the home stretch of the s that looks pretty good I’ll just go ahead and finish it off by running my tapestry needle to the outside of the stitch securing it making a knot on the back side you can see here my thread is starting to get a little bit frayed but that’s alright that completes our letter s

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