How to make gorgeous #hoopearrings Trish Trish EETUTURIALS

hello everyone welcome to earrings
exquisite tutorials i’m trish and today i’m going to teach you how to make hoop
earrings the hoops are already made so we’re start out with the hoops you’re
going to need your hoops you’re going to need your needlenose plier gonna meet
your bent nose plier and then you’re gonna need all these beams here you’re
going to need the tiny beads that’s here these little tiny beads and then you’re
going to need your earring hooks and these earrings hooks are hyper
allergenic I’ll get some more better ones you want to need your earring hooks
okay let’s get started so here is your earring hoop you are going to open it up
like that and you’re going to apply three tiny gold beads one two three just like that right there
you’re gonna start applying your other beat you beat it’s the blue one because
we’re doing a pattern I’d like to do batteries because I think they look
nicer than just you know any type of earring on the D on the hoops you have
these beautiful really shiny beads that have a lot of diamonds in them these are
so pretty and I’m gonna put that one in the middle
so it’s gonna look like that then I’m gonna come finish my pattern blue go blue and then I put 1/3 more little beads now
folks the reason why I prefer patterns it’s because I really do feel like they
look nicer so I’m going to put much to me beads on you know I work with
children and you know children like to put any kind of color beads on it you
know and that’s fine but if you’re gonna sell them patterns are nicer so here’s
my pattern now I’m gonna take a little bit of glue and put a little bit of glue
especially if you’re gonna sell them you need to put glue because it will come
apart it will follow up and then you just close it up like that and there is
a pretty earring okay this is how you put the beads on so let’s do another one
here’s another earring hook now remember kids are earrings the front of the
earring hook in the back of the earring hoop you want to make sure that when you
start putting on your earring hooks that you don’t put it on backwards because
believe me I’d learned what when I first started making joy I was messing up and
I had to start over and over and practice and practice and practice so
again put on your three tiny gold beads it’s two here’s three now I’m gonna strut my pattern again
it’s gonna be a blue earring and then I’m sorry a blue bead I’ll go be a blue
bead and then this pretty be with all the diamonds in it
now put that one goes in the middle right just like that there you go
now my dad again blue he go beat blue P and folks this is really simple this is
not anything hard to make um I buy my beads from all over the place I
I get them from 99-cent stores or I get them from 50th Street and New York City
I buy them I buy them from eBay I buy them from Amazon I buy my whole strong
deep H date there’s many places where you can buy these things jury B’s for
the educate sells things by the it’s actually a wholesale store so online
that you can purchase things from products so now again I’m gonna take
Michael ooh this is super glue you can use super glue Krazy Glue
whichever glue you prefer but you cannot use Elmer’s glue you need jury – okay so
here are the loops finished now we just got to put on the last thing is the
earring hooks so love it take your earring hook you’re gonna take your
needle nose plier you’re gonna hold it this way and you’re gonna put this in
the middle like this it’ll open if see now it’s open now again you want to make
sure that you don’t put it on the right way yet you want to make sure that you
don’t put it on the wrong way because if you put it on this way like
this it’s not gonna look right because this
is the front of the earring this is the back so you gotta be careful with that
when you’re putting it on so let’s put it one the right way so now I’m gonna
put it on the right way like that and then I like to hold my stuff down like
this and then I take my big nose plier and I close it up like that
hold it earring we close it so make sure it’s closed you go and there you go it’s
closed and this one’s the right way so it goes like that see there you go now
let’s do the other one again you’re gonna take the earring hook you’re gonna
hold it this way with this kind of earring hook it has to be this way so to
open it cuz you can’t open it that way you can but you’re gonna get confused so
hold it this way bring your needle nose plier stick it in the hole
the hoops on the hole and open there you go see now it’s open now make sure again
that you put in one the right way right way there you go now take my big
nose plier and just hold it down like that hold it just like that make sure
it’s closed and now it’s closed and this is how you make a pair of aren’t they
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  • Hey big sis thanks, sos so much for the shoutout, I love these earrings they are beautiful sis, wow, keep making these jewelry videos, these earrings will look nice on everyone 😍💖😍😍😍😍😍😍😍👌😉

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