How to Make Gift Baskets : Trimming Cellophane for Gift Baskets

Hi, I’m Susan Paxton for Expert Village and
we’re in process of creating a gift basket. We’ve filled all of the basket, put our shred
in there, put all of our items that we wanted in there, we’ve added our cellophane. I’ve
used a pipe cleaner to kind of twist off the top a little bit to hold it until I can get
the bow on it. If you don’t have a pipe cleaner you could just use a twist tie from your kitchen
drawer. I’m going to trim off the extra on the twist tie and kind of fold that into place
because we’re going to put a bow right over that. But we’ve got a few places where the
paper, the cellophane isn’t high enough to get caught in the twist tie. So what I use
is just a regular packaging tape for concealing and closing those little areas. I just trimmed
off just a little swatch of it and just kind of fold this in and put a piece of tape there.
If you use regular scotch tape, it shows, but this mailing tape or packaging tape just
kinds of blends right in with the cellophane. So you don’t have to worry about it being
obviously there and showing up in your design. So, we’ve got it all taken care of and it’s
all ready to go except for the bow.

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