How to Make Fabric Christmas Decorations : How to Stuff Panel Christmas Ornaments

I’m Karina Fraley for Expert Village and today
I’m showing you how to make a Christmas tree ornaments out of fabric. So we have gone ahead
and we have sewn our little panel together using a zig zag stitch which is going to help
which is going to stop actually the unraveling. But you can see here that we have some loose
threads. So I’m just going to go ahead and trim that up and I can go all the way up to
the stitch. Make sure that you don’t snip any of the stitches. Then that is going to
give use a nice clean line. Then what we are going to do is turn this inside out and we
are going to put the stuffing in so just go ahead and flip it. I’m sorry right side out
we are going to turn it right side out. Go ahead and put your finger in there and push
out all of the edges so they are nice and even like that. Then you are going to get
your stuffing and just go ahead and put it inside your little ornament. This is just
poly-fill you can probably pick this up at any craft store it is very easily found and
it is very inexpensive. So go ahead and make sure that you get it all nice and full so
that it is even. You can sort of push it however way you want to make it. I’m going to finish
stuffing this and at the next clip I’m going to show you how to close this up and how to
attach a ribbon to hang it from the tree.

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