How to make Crochet Yarn Doll Free Pattern

This tutorial is going to show how to make a crochet yarn doll please remember to rate the video and share pictures of your completed crochet creations to my crochet community on Google plus looking close here at the yarn doll you can see it is made out of a chain All I have done is crocheted a whole bunch of chain and I’m going to show how to make the chain a little short segment here for people who don’t know how to make the chain

25 thoughts on “How to make Crochet Yarn Doll Free Pattern

  • I'm totally gona make em into voodoo dolls 😀 bwaaahahahah! or… maybe I'll just give em to my sisters kids. 😛

  • Omgosh, this is so clever  I noticed that the doll looked like an angel, before you tied the end knot around the arms!!.   CUTE CUTE CUTE

  • You really did change my life!!!! About 7 years ago, after I had my daughter, I started watching your videos! I can't believe it's been that long. I don't know what I would do without crochet. I was a newbie and had no idea how to crochet, you are an awesome teacher and I will forever be grateful to you.

  • I love it!! It is unique and fun because you crochet your strands. How awesome is that? Great job! I love your creativity.  🙂  It reminds me of my string doll but with a twist. Fabulous!! 

  • Flowers…and square centers…and little embellishments…And bits that are about 18 inches or less, all get tied together, until I get a good size ball of scraps done up. Then I use that to make an anigurmi part, or a hacky sack for kids, or kitty toy to stuff cat nip. 🙂

  • Your little doll is so simple. I could see making them in colors to hang on the Christmas Tree, making them using two colors, even. I think they could also be great on packages or favors at a baby shower.

  • For scrap yarn, I had seen several patterns here for swiffer covers!  Easy to make, a simple rectangle stitched to size, and machine washable!

    These dolls would be pretty on a Christmas tree, either a boy and girl, or many in different colors.  You could also donate them to the police, some departments keep small toys in the trunk of the cruisers so they can give them to children who are crime victims or innocent bystanders, etc.

    You could try to make them look like friends, and give them as presents!

  • I think you could leave it as a dress instead of legs, sew the hands to the face, and turn it into a Weeping Angel from Doctor Who.

  • Could you please tell me where i can find the printed pattern for this as the typed words here drive me crazy, and my video keeps freezing.  Yikes !!!             I would really love to do this cute little thing for charity.  Love your work and thank you very very much

  • This is such a Great Idea…One that I'll have to try for My 2 Glama Girls, I think they will enjoy it. I Love how you showed that you can make a chain with your fingers, which will definitely be easier for young ones to chain…Fun, Fun, Fun Project

  • for a girl rather than a floofy skirt and no legs, take half of the loops (The middle ones) and just make legs out of them then you can take the rest of the loops and spread them around the legs like a dress…

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