How to Make an Ornament Wreath for Christmas

-A picture perfect wreath is just a few simple
steps away. -This ornament wreath is very versatile, you can make it traditional or
modern. It’s all about how you frame it. To make your version start with a variety of
ornaments, if you’re using shatter proof ornaments you don’t have to worry about the tops but
if you’re using regular ornaments like these you’re going to need to glue the tops on with
a little bit of [unk] glue. The key to this wreath is the clusters. Start by taking a
little bit of floral wiring and one of your ornaments, string it on to the floral wiring.
I’m making clusters of different sizes, that are evenly shaped with these ornaments and
that are using ornaments of various different sizes. It’s all based on whatever you have
around so go ahead and give that a good twist and when you do so it will just bunch these
ornaments up. Take a wire cutter and snip off those ends. Then you’re ready to start
arranging your ornaments. It’s good to think about where you want to place the ornaments
ahead of time so you don’t have to worry about it when you’re putting them on the wreath.
Since I have these evenly shaped clusters I also have a few clusters with some odd shaped
ornaments. I’m going to alternate them around the wreath so no 2 clusters are exactly the
same. I also have a frame and some other elements that I want to incorporate. So I’m going to
make sure that I plan for that when I’m organizing my elements. Taking some of these floral wiring,
go ahead and make a U shape and based on where you decided you want your ornament just slide
that wiring through the wreath. Now that you have your wire placed wherever you want your
ornament clusters you’re ready to start attaching. Click the most secure ornament and string
one of the ends of the floral wiring through that ornament. Then give it a good tight twist.
I’m going to add one of these clusters with the odd shaped ornament. Once again, stringing
through the loops of the ornament and twisting the wire nice and tight but this time before
I ship the ends off I’m gonna make it into a group of 4 and string this ornament right
on to the cluster. And give that a couple of good twists, this way it hides any of the
other elements that you don’t want to see. Now that I have all my elements wired to me
wreath I’m ready for the frame which is a real focal point for this wreath. You can
use a saying, a vintage postcard, a family photo, anything that’s special to you. I already
have my wires strung through and this wire is catching the wire frame on the back because
this frame is just a little bit heavier than the other elements. That’s all it takes to
make a picture perfect wreath. Here’s a tip to pervert your door from getting scratched
when hanging your holiday wreath. Simply out a circular felt and stick it to your wreath
with a little bit of spray adhesive. Just one step closer to a stress free holiday.

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