How to Make an Iron-On Applique : Using a Picture for an Applique Pattern

O.k. once you have your fabrics picked out
and your materials all out you want to go ahead and take the picture that you drew like
that; decide what one you’re going to go with and go ahead and carefully cut it out. Now
when you cut out your material you can always extend your lines further than what your template
is and I’m actually going to cut it out according to the colors so each fabric going to get
its own piece. There’s my brown trunk and the trees are really
popular everybody like the trees in there fun because you can mix whatever colors you
want for whatever look you’re going for; you can pull it off on just about any color beg
or whatever you’re making. And I’m actually going to each of the deep sections in different
fabric also and you can tell I’m not following the lines at all; I just have a general idea,
I’m kind of making up my own leaves as I go. And so those the three piece that I’m going
to have, and go back together; however you want to stick them on there.

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