How to Make an DIY Ethnic DIY Room Decor Using Jute & Balloons | Room Decorating Ideas | Jute Craft

How to Make an Ethnic Room Decor with Jute & Balloons! This is a Royal looking DIY Jute Rope Craft that you can easily make at home. Things You Need… Ruler, Decorative Pearls, Adhesive, Cutter, Scissors, Jute, Balloons & Decorative Mirrors Decorative Lace, Bamboo Basket, Glue Gun & Sticks Take a bamboo basket and make a knot using jute as shown here. Apply glue on the surface and paste the jute strands in a circular manner as shown. Cover the entire bamboo basket with the jute strands in this way. Now inflate a balloon and apply glue on its surface. Wrap it with the jute strands. Deflate the balloon and get a cup like shape as shown here. We need several such jute cup like shape. Take the mirrors and decorate the sides with pearls as shown here. Repeat the same process with other mirrors as well. This is how it looks. Now take the jute designs and decorate it with mirror and pearls as shown here. Repeat the same process with the other jute designs as well. Decorate the jute designs further with bead chains like this. Now decorate the basket as well with mirrors, pearls and beads as shown here. Now insert the jute through the designs as shown here and tie a knot to hold it firmly. Apply glue inside to paste the knot properly. Cut out the extra jute strand. Now take the original basket design and pass the jute strand through the knot at the top end. Now fix the decorated hangings through it by making a hole in the basket. Repeat the same process with the other hangings as well. This is how it will look like post completion. Now decorate the jute craft with decorative lace. Wow!! Your beautiful ethnic room decor is now ready. Thanks for watching and Happy Crafting!

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