How To Make A Yarn Wig!

Today i’m making a yarn wig. I got it off of Pinterest. I saw it on Pinterest and it looks like so much fun. So here are a few things you’re gonna need. Scissors, Pins, Yarn A measuring tape, And felts. 2 pieces And how I measured this out is, you actually take the measuring tape, And you put it from the front of your head If you can see that, the front of my head All the way down. And it’s hard to do it one handed but, and without a bun. But, All the way down to the bottom, right here And I measured that on me and it was 14 inches so, I made these Felt strips 14 inches long. 14 inches long And 3 inches wide And this is what I’m starting out with, What I’m gonna do, Is i’m gonna take this yarn and put it this way on one of the pieces And I’ll show you as I go. It’s gonna be a really fun process. Now hold it and point it at me, okay? Yeah, there we go. So you can see me See? You see me? Look what i’m doing This is how i’m getting the yarn to be all the same size for the wig. Yeah. Do you see it? Yup. Is it pretty cool? Pretty cool. Yeah? You’re doing a good job filming. Is it like a boat? Is it fun? Are you filming that? That’s how i’m getting the yarn to stay the same spot so it’s not going all over the place. Pretty cool. So this is the next step. I took all of the yarn, I used the entire thing of yarn and Ijust stretched it from all the way over, like Basically this is uncut, it’s just in the length that I want it and this in the middle is the felt, now as you can see there’s felt underneath it too right there And that is going to be the part that touches your head. Now this part on the top, I’m putting it in the exact same spot so it lines up with The other felts and i’m gonna pin it. So it stays together when I sew it And what i’m gonna do is i’m gonna sew it with a zigzag So this is completely uncut and what i’m gonna do after this is done, I basically just flattened it to the length of my head And the felt is already cut to the length of my head So then I kind of comb it with my fingers just to make it a little bit more straight So it’s gonna look good. So it’s gonna look like it should be straight and combed. And then i’ll just comb through it with my fingers and when it’s all done, it’s – so, this is how it looks also the way that I figured it out How, where in the middle to put it is I actually measured the entire length of yarn from here all the way to here, here, to here. And it was 50 inches. It was 50 inches. So I just cut that it in half and that’s why I put the felt so at 25 inches I put the felt in the middle And then I combed through the hair just to make it smoother and now this is gonna be pinned on top of the other felt. And then it will be sewed Alright, so this is what it looks like all pinned. Now, it’s halfway It’s supposed to be done. But really, I just combed through the top and pinned the felt on top and on bottom There’s a felt underneath too, there’s a felt on top and on bottom. And then, now what i’m gonna do is I am just gonna sew it and as I sew i’m gonna peel away the top layer that has the pins in it up here. in a zigzag stitch. So it will sew it up really good. And then at the end I’ll just just on the ends and do style the hair and it should be really good. So what I’ve done is I’ve just – peeled away this top piece of felt as I’ve sewed And then I just pulled the yarn on each side to stretch it out a little bit so that I can sew it down And then on the other side, this is how it’s starting to look so, The wig is coming together and it’s looking really good and I think, it’s gonna be great! Alright, so this is what it looks like I’ve just barely sewed this part in a zigzag. You can see that I sewed it in a zigzag and There was the top piece of felt This piece of felt was on top, and it was pinned together so it was holding it all in the right place. But what I did is I slowly It was pinned on and I slowly peeled it away and undid the pins as I pulled it straight and sewed on it. So I just kept pulling it straight and sewing it and pulling it straight and sewing it. Pulling this back and then pulling it straight and sewing it Until I made it all the way through Did all the back stitch in the front and in the back so it’s gonna stay there. And now, I’m gonna put it on my head and style it! I’m so excited! Okay, so what i’m doing now is i’m actually gonna peel the hair back a little bit and just cut these at an angle So I don’t have to worry about them popping out from behind the wig So there’s that side And then this side Oh boy It’s hard to do it with a camera on your hand Okay, So there we go. And i’m gonna do that to both sides just so it doesn’t show through but then it’s really thick on top so it will stay on the right spot. So I just put it on the couch, just behind the couch. Because I needed somebody to hold it for me and nobody’s here besides James. So, Now what i’m doing is i’m going to the bottom and i’m just cutting the ends like, pulling it tight Cutting the ends, And you said it Hey ya’ll! Make sure to subscribe And check out our other videos That’s right! We done been making some great ones lately You’re gonna enjoy it! Even go ahead and make some yourself! Alright, that’s enough embarrassing myself – A flower! [Laughs] Daddy’s bringing her flowers.

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