How to Make a Twisted Cord Rope with Yarn Magic Tips & Tricks

28 thoughts on “How to Make a Twisted Cord Rope with Yarn Magic Tips & Tricks

  • very cool
    I found a video from LiatMGat. She knits but has a twisted cord video she does as well but uses a ball winder.
    just thought I would share hers as well.
    Hope that doesn't offend you Teresa. I love your videos.

  • hi teresa how are u i love all ur videos u are such a great crocheter im learning alot from u thanx i would like to know could u do a tutorial on how to make a foot thong thanx

  • It's funny. I was just thinking the other day as to how to make the cords that dangle from the flaps of hats, and there's my answer =D

  • Can you do a video on how to crochet a girls straight or aline skirt. I have to grandaughters and they would like a skirt to wear over some tights. ages 6 and 8. I dont know how to follow written directions but thanks to your videos i have been able to crochet different items that you have done.:)) Jamie

  • Hi Teresa,Thanks for all the great ideas:)Been crocheting most my life,love it.Currently working on a ripple bag for this fall.Going to use the cording to add beads,charms etc. to it.If you also sew,you can use the bobbin winder to twist it.( if you're making alot).Just thread it thru the metal loop at top.I'm going to use two different yarns twisted tog.Also braclets for the kids:)Hair accessories,fan pulls, book marks and laces for baby booties.Keep the videos coming:)

  • This is so cute!! Great idea <333
    Would you be showing more mini projects like this one? They would be super cute for stocking stuffers 🙂

  • I used a variegated colored yarn and made my twisted yarn into headbands. The colors go with about anything! Thanks for the tutorial!

  • It was attached to a mushroom with a removable top so something small could be stored in the middle of the mushroom. The twisted cord connects to the mushroom so it can be worn around your neck.

  • im makeing it for a sling and need it a lot stronger than that cant have kinks in it and it needs to be very hard and i was looking for a way to seal the strands to the cord because every time i cut the loos ones off more come loose but the techinch you use is the same i do i pull and twist the string almost till it breaks

  • Awesome! I work at an academy and for the summer we're doing a western theme for our room. I'm going to use this technique to make the yarn look like rope for a sign in our room!

  • Thanks so much for your tutorial. I have tried this before and it did not work. This time it did and now I have my cord for my tote bag. Thanks again.

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