How to make a paper airplane glider that flies far (~1900 ft) – Papierflieger falten der weit fliegt

What’s up pilots? My name is Mahir Cave I will show you how to make a paper airplane like I do every Thursday. Today’s paper airplane is called Reaper. And Reaper is my best looking paper airplane. Watch to see how far it flies! Legend says it is still flying. Take a sheet of paper. Set the video quality to high-definition and let’s get started. started if you are new to my channel
make sure to read the tips in the description and also subscribe because I
upload a video like this on every first you am i holding too fast you can set the
speed to a half if you are watching on desktop but first turn your paper match
the corner to the end of this line push your paper like this it looks
difficult but it’s easy I promise now carefully create a line between the fun
and fake paper part as you can see this is not for beginners get started with my
easy level 1 paper airplanes they also can be found in the description open the
top of your paper and push the standing pieces together with your thumbs then hold it right here
and fold the standing pieces to one side hold it again and repeat bring it on the
center line and fold the sides now hold this line to the center line
that was the difficult part if you came this far well done you have what it
takes to make a girl happy bring it back and repeat open and push it together turn your paper fold this part up words and slowly give the sides a small fold turn your paper look at this edge that
is where you fold the pipe of back turn your paper take the top part bring
it to the other side and fold the edge to the center line this step is not a must
however this enhances the flight performance and facilitates the wing
fold take a small piece of tape and applied it right here to hold the paper
together while folding the wings make sure that this line stays exactly over
this corner if you made it right this part will look
out and it will look like this we are almost at the end but there are a couple
of things we have to consider before throwing notice the position of my thumb
that is how to hold it your paper plane should have this red highlighted form if
you look at it from behind Reaper is best to be frown from high buildings but
froude only softly please give this video a big thumbs up

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