How to Make a Hobby Horse For Kids : How to Position Yarn Mane for Hobby Horse

Hi, I’m Karen for Expert Village. Now I would
show you how to apply the yarn mane. Again, you want to measure from the tip of the nose
seven inches from here and just mark it with a pen or a marking pencil. Then see I left
my yarn on the card and it is just loose on the bottom and fold it at the top edge. Then
we are just carefully lay it down and remove the card without disturbing it to much. You
want to take the card off.
Then you are just going to sort of pin it in place. First lay it along the edge of the
neck of the horse. Lay that all the way on the edge down to the bottom and it can stick
out just a little bit not to much. That is a little too much. You want it to just overlap
just a little bit less then that even maybe a quarter of inch overlapping. This is a little
bit tricky because of the yarn is loose and we would just try to pin it place the best
you can. You can’t really pin it to good because all the yarn is loose but in a few spots.
Then we are going to very carefully sew that in place. Actually the better way to do it
is in a sandwich, the other head section. So now here is the other head section. This
is the right side or the outside of the horse head. You would lay that on top of the yarn
and so that the yarn is sandwiched between the two layers and we would pin that in place.

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  • Iā€™d like to ad a suggestion. Line the uncut top with yarn to assist pulling it off the cardboard and masking tap to help pin

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