How to Make a Fancy Link Using Bead Caps, Crystal Clay, and Chatons by Becky Nunn

Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas! Hi this is Becky Nunn from Nunn Design
and I’m a guest designer today at and what I’m going to be making is a really fun little bead cap bead like
you’re seeing in this sample right here what you’ll need for this is some bead
caps you’ll need a couple of the little
crystal chatons, some crystal clay and you’re welcome to use whichever color
that you have I’m going to be using a brown and inside of
the crystal clay you’ll find they have a little tooth pick
with a little beeswax on it. So we’re using that as well as the gloves, some head pins and some cutting shears. We’re going to
be using a gold head pin and putting it through the crystal clay and the bead cap to
create a link so your first step is going to be trimming off the end of the head pin. Inside of
the crystal clay package you’ll find a pair of latex gloves. You
gonna wanna follow the manufacturer’s instructions on how to handle and work
with the clay pinch off two equal size balls the clay typically has the colorant as
that darker color or the color and the resin is always this beige color so I’ve already pinched and put it into round little balls, make sure they’re equal sizes and then you’re going
to mix the clay together until its no longer marbled some of the clay is
stickier than others and well really stick to your
gloves in this video you’re lucky to see that is
not but sometimes it does really starts
to stick and pull and you can bring it down into your palm
and fold it over and until it is no longer marbled once the clay is completely mixed it is
then activated and you have 90 to 120 minutes to work
with the clay before it starts to harden and you’re not
able to embed anymore crystals into it. This is what it looks like when
it’s not marbled anymore once the clay is mixed you can then remove your gloves, it’s much
easier to handle the clay I like to roll mine into a nice little ball and I can see right now that I have way more
clay then what I’m going to need. That’s
okay because we’ll be showing you about to do with extra crystal clay in
another video I miss going to make a nice round ball and I’m going to put it together in between the two bead caps and depending on how much of a space you
want you could have a lot or you can keep on
pinching it off so that there is less of a gap like the example that I have here so also depending on what kind of
size of chatons you’re using that will also make a
difference of how much of a gap that you’re using and in this example I’m using such a tiny stone I know that I want a very small gap and
that looks good about right there when I’m working I typically always have wet wipes right beside me so that I can
go ahead and wipe off any of the clay that might be getting on
my fingers because it’s easy to the fingerprints on the
piece. I’m also making sure that the clay isn’t on the finding because once
it gets on finding and then dry it’s like cement, it’s
really hard to get off then I’m going to use my head pin I
already cut of just put it right through the center of it
and this is another reason why I have my wipes handy is that I can then wipe
it off really easily. when it comes to this part of embedding chatons, my 48-year-old
eyes can no longer take it so I use my glasses, so if you are having
a hard time seeing these itty bitty pieces you might want to put on some very inexpensive reading glasses so that
you can see this level of detail. First of all I’ll show you how I pick up the chatons and
move them around with the beeswax toothpick a lot of times the pieces will be turned
upside down so you can just flip them over and you just pick them up and then you
gonna start just embedding them down into that small gap and that’s why we took that time to make
sure that the gap was just about right so that these little crystals would fit
right inside of them and you can make it is tight as you want
or you can make it loose, you can alternate colors, you can
do all kinds of stuff if you’re finding that to the crystals are not releasing from the little
beeswax just place it inside there and then slightly rotate it and it will twist
off, another thing that you might see is that the crystals start to have a
little bit of the residue from the actual beeswax, don’t worry
about that because after its already dried and cured you can go
back with your wet wipe and wipe away some of that residue
that might be on side of there. If you don’t have a big enough gap to put those
crystals in you can just make it wee bit wider if you like. Now just go
around the outside edge or the inside edge and lay the rest of these crystals when I’m laying these in I’m not
pushing down too hard at first because if you push down too hard sometimes they get all cattywomped I’m showing you a cattywomped example and then it’s really hard to pull it out
so I tend to put my crystals in really lightly but deep enough so that they’re
sticking into the clay and then once I have finished it I’ll go back in and sculpt it a little bit more but even that cattywomped one that I showed you earlier still looks fine
and you can press it down with your fingernail or use an eye pin to go in
there and just kinda straighten it out if you don’t like that look. Now I’m just
gently pressing them into position, pressing them farther
down into the crystal clay I’m also using my head pin that I fit through to make sure
that that hole is nice and sturdy and straight and now I have a little fun bead and once that’s dry it takes about two hours for it to start
to really harden I’ll then use a pair of needle nose to
make the loops and you can reference that in another video & then you can go ahead and create your own bracelet or your own necklace or earrings or whatever you’d like to do. So
this is the part of the video where I’m going to show you other Becky Nunn dog-and-pony
show jewelry examples. So if you didn’t want to
use crystals inside your piece you can go ahead just put
the two bead caps together and you’re good to go. Down here I did crystal clay and just put a little
bead cap and I just stuck another little chaton there to
make a cute little pair of earrings here’s other examples of using the two little bead caps to make a fun
little balls to add, here it is in silver with garnett the piece that we did earlier and then on this one is just showing other ways that
you can use the crystal clay whether you’re just making a nice little
ball inside of a jump ring, that’s jump ring laid down
first and then a nice little ball adding it onto charms here are two will bead caps inside another
piece here are some right inside of my bead cap and then using the Cup
chain on a toggle bar those are some fun other examples of the
ways you can use the crystal clay and bead caps. Go to to purchase beading supplies and to get design ideas!

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