How to make a Crochet Mesh Blanket Tutorial #CrochetGeek

i’m start with a chain of 32 size g crochet hook, an 4 ply yarn we start with a double crochet in the fourth chain from the hook skip the first three chains and in the fourth work a double crochet chain two skip two chains and in each of the next two chains, work one double crochet in the next chain after that, work one double crochet

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  • love this. All summer i've been working with openwork, or like checkerboard pattern stitches with very light cotton and recycled blends so you can actually wear it in the summer or at the beach. I just made a cool shaw (which on the label i called a Shah for Iran) it had a ribbed band, 2 rows of scallops ironed open and the whole of it looked like a disjointed spider net. I really appreciate everything you do. I'll have to make video.

  • Hi Teresa! This is right on time! I've been wondering how to do a mesh stitch. Can you also do this stitch in triple crochet? I'd also like to see a demo of the fishnet stitch. I want to use these stitches for summer hats. How would I perform increases and decreases? Please and Thanks!!!

  • I am doing mine with a K hook when I finish I will email u a picture hope it willl not take me long : )

  • can i use this for a baby blanket? and if so would there be different variations? and when I am done with the length how to I close it? Sorry for all the questions.

  • I got it I have to download a video converter but I got it and I downloaded it a cd ty what others one can I buy

  • this is a very nice pattern. i am using simply soft yarn in brown, cream and salmon and am alternating the colors. it's looking very pretty. thanks for posting this.

  • I just want you to know that I am 22 years old and I have taught myself to crochet using your videos. Watched them once and memorized everything it was so easy and very easy to understand. Love all the different ideas out here. I crochet baby blankets and give them to another girl who has a charity that goes to the hospital and gives these blankets to newborns. I have of course made my girls some beautiful blankets mixing your ideas and others. Thanks again for being a great teacher!!!

  • This is a great pattern and I would like to give it a go. What is the chain count on this stitch? Thanks for sharing.

  • hello tjw. want to ask do you know how to make crochet wingspan shawls or any pattern? i saw some in a website been transfer from knitting but forgot the site and can not find them. [email protected], since you know so muuuuch in crochet maybe you can help me on this, pleaaaaassse.

  • Hi there. I really enjoy this stitch. I have made some nice variations as well with different amount of blocks in each row. I am making a big blanket with different blocks and have used many of tutorials to learn. I really battle to read patterns. Also making small little flowers, hearts, bows etc for each block. Thank you so much.

  • I am learning crochet, I had knit for years. I found yours tutorials the smartest, the speed is excellent easy to follow, I wish everyone would do like you, slowly and close up. Thank you very much for the great tutorials:))

  • Hi there, I have a question for you. I am using an exceptionally long hook and using the tunisian stitch for an afghan. But the question is I could never get 250 stitches on the hook, so do you make them in sections and yarn them together or am I missig something?

  • Thank you so very much to all at Crochet Geek. I have been crocheting now for the past 16 years and have made loads of stuff and it is so nice to see a site like this that gives clear and concise instructions and video tuition. Even for me, it can be very helpful

  • You are welcome Andrew. When you get projects complete, you are welcome to share them on my Google+ community.

  • You can purchase hooks with plastic tube like extensions, that have a little stopper. The Crochet Dude has hooks if you like Boye and Susan Bates has hooks if you like Susan Bates.

  • I have a question I would like to make this for my son but he stands 6'3 and I am wondering how many chains would I need to do to make it big enough?

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