How to Knit the Cable Cast On – Easy for Beginning Knitters

How to Knit the Cable Cast On. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio
Knit! The Cable Cast On creates this really nice,
super straight and firm edge for knitting and you’ll see it’s great for casting on
in the middle of your work, too. So, let’s check it out! With the Cable Cast On, we’re able to start
pretty closely to the beginning of our yarn, so there’s no guesswork as to where to begin.
We start with our beloved Slip Knot. Now, our second stitch is created just like a KFB
Knit Front and Back stitch just like this. Okay, now we’re ready for the Cable Cast On.
Place your RIGHT needle in between those first two stitches. Next, bring your yarn, wrap
it around counter clockwise onto your RIGHT needle as if to knit. Catch that yarn, bring
it forward and out right here. And then place it onto your LEFT needle. To continue casting
on, just repeat this third stitch. Let’s watch it together again. Needle goes in between
those two stitches. Yarn around, bring the needle out, catching the yarn, and place it
onto your left needle. Awesome! I really like the Cable Cast on for knitting
projects like adult hats, because it really helps the edge not to curl up when you start
with a RIB STITCH. It’s also really pretty and straight. And here’s a Pro-Tip – try casting on a
really loosely, since it tends to go onto your needle pretty tight. Oh, and even though
it’s called a Cable Cast On, it actually has nothing to do with a cable knit stitch
pattern, rather it has a corded cable look to it when casting on. Now, also, I wanted you to know that some
knitting patterns, when you are in the middle of your work, they want you to cast on additional
stitches. And the Cable Cast On is perfect to cast on more stitches anytime you need
to add stitches onto your needle just like this! If this video helped you better understand
how to knit the Cable Cast On, please hit LIKE! And thank you so much for watching Studio
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40 thoughts on “How to Knit the Cable Cast On – Easy for Beginning Knitters

  • Thanks!!! Now I can understand more patterns!
    Could you make a video one day explaining about yarn? The types like "worsted" yarn, etc;?
    I know it mighty be easy for many people, but sometimes I don't understand how they classify yarns… What the classifications mean.
    I think this would be a very quick video 🙂

  • Hi Kristen!
    I've been an avid crocheter for over a decade and would shy away from knitting because I kept hearing how hard it was.
    Well… I needed a new challenge and I'm happy to report
    "I LOVE IT"
    I find it most helpful to watch your videos and see your sweet smiling face (sometimes being silly) and hear your nice voice making the stitches cheerfully jump on my needles!
    Thanks for all you do…please keep them coming

  • This may be a stupid beginner question, but I have noticed that in most double needle cast ons you always twist the left needle to the right side of the loop to be put on it instead of just bringing the right needle up and slipping the loop over onto the left needle. Is there a reason the twist is important?

  • I am so glad I found your site, your videos are very clear, and I always seem to have to learn something new with each knitting project. Thanks so much!

  • I don't know the knitting lingo but I am almost finished with a 2×2 ribbed scarf that I began with a cable cast on like shown in your video. I cannot for the life of me find a video or site explaining how to mimic the cable in the cast/bind off and I want both ends to look the same. Do you have any advice/videos/links for the cable bind off? Thanks!

  • Love your videos. I can't find out how to tell the wrong from right side with the cable cast-on. Is there is a link or an easy explanation I'd appreciate you sending it to me. I thought I'd seen the info some where, but can't seem to find it. Thanks.

  • Your channel is so fantastic! In every single video, you show me the answer I'm looking for PLUS other things I've been wondering about. I also love your "Pro Tip" approach. Thank you!

  • Help! My cast on go on really neat but once I've done a row or two it becomes so loose and I just don't understand why. 😔
    The rest of my knitting is very neat.

  • hello thanks for the vid really helped me! now that i have my 40 cable cast on stitches…. how do i start the first knit stitch?

  • Hi there, I am going to be publishing a pattern on my blog on how to knit a Felted Purse. Your cable cast-on video is great and I am wondering if it's ok if I link to it as a teaching tool on the post? Thanks so much, Melanie

  • This is how my mum taught me to cast on when she taught me how to knit 🙂  I prefer this method as I have the correct number of stitches from the word go and don't have to work out how much yarn I will need for my stitches

  • Thank you very much! Although I have knit for many years I've never used this cast on and am just staring a pattern that calls for it. Your tutorial was the best one I found! Just goes to show you can teach an old dog (me) new tricks.

  • Thank you! Been having various troubles, mostly with unevenness, with my regular cast on method. This looks great! It looks like it gives the same edge as my cast off, which is an added bonus. Now I can make the scarf I had planned. It has a border of a single row of star stitches on a stockinette background and a main body of slip stitch cable. Should be perfect for my friends in the Navy as it is reminiscent of Stars and Brocade, which is what I am calling the pattern 😁

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