HOW TO KNIT STITCH ► Day 7 Absolute Beginner Knitting Series

It’s time to learn the KNIT STITCH. Hi, Guys, I’m Kristen and Welcome to Studio
Knit. Today is the big one! We’re actually going to knit, finally, right?!! I know, I hope that the information leading
up to this point has been very helpful. And now we’re finally getting into the meat
of it. You are going to KNIT. So, you have your Tools, you’ve created your
Slip Knot, and you’re raring to go. So let’s do this together. I encourage you to first watch, and then do. And you know, with the power of video and
pausing, you can go back and forth, but we’re going to try to do this really slowly so you
don’t have to be pausing so much because I want your hands to be focused on your knitting
needles because that’s what we’re doing, we’re knitting, right? Okay, let’s get started, here we go! In this Knitting Series, I am teaching the
American Method of Knitting, it’s also called the English Method. There is another way to knit you may come
across called the Continental Method. Since I am an American, and this is the technique
I use while teaching all of my knitting tutorials, this series will only use the American method
of knitting. All of my videos teach how to knit right-handed. Sorry, lefties! Creating a Knitting Swatch. In this Series, we will be knitting up a little
sample swatch. We’ll focus on enjoying the process of knitting. Knitting for Knitting’s Sake, as it were. I encourage each individual knitter to develop
at your own pace, finish your knitted swatch when you are ready to do so, rather than furiously
knitting a specified number of rows to keep up with the rest of your fellow Studio Knitters. In Weeks 3 and 4, I will be sharing many cute
Beginning Knitting patterns and projects that you’ll be ready to tackle at the end of
this Series. Before we begin knitting, first take your
yarn and create a Slip Knot from earlier this week and then Cast On your stitches, I’m recommending
20 stitches, onto one knitting needle using the long-tail cast on method. I encourage you to watch me do the knit stitch
one time and then after that we’ll do it together. Hold the knitting needle with the cast on
stitches in your left hand. Hold the knitting needle without any stitches
in your right hand. And I’m just skootching my stitches up toward
the point my left needle here to help me get ready to knit. Make sure your yarn is behind your needles. Step one, insert your right knitting needle
into the front of the first stitch. You’ll insert your needle to the left of
that stitch and then through it. Your right knitting needle will be underneath
your left needle in sort of a criss cross. STEP 2. Wrap your yarn around your right needle from
back to front, so that it rests between the two needles. STEP 3. Slide the right needle down and bring its
point forward through the stitch, bringing the yarn with it. STEP 4. Slip the old stitch off the left needle. Make sure you only slip that one stitch off
of the needle, don’t let any of the others off the needle yet. Now the new stitch is on your right needle. Oh and before you grab those knitting needles,
do me a favor, LIKE UP this video if you are enjoying your absolute beginner knitting series. Thanks, guys, it really helps me out. So now let’s do it together. Step one, make sure that you’re holding the
knitting needle with the cast on stitches in your left hand and the knitting needle
without any stitches on it is in your right hand. Make sure that your yarn is behind those knitting
needles. Take your right needle and insert it into
the front of the first stitch. You’ll insert your needle to the left of that
stitch and through. I’m going to take mine out and do it one more
time and you can just keep your needle in if you did it the first time around. One more time. I’m taking the right needle into the left
of that stitch. I’m inserting the tip of my right needle into
that stitch and now my right knitting needle is underneath my left knitting needle. Okay, ready for step two. I like to, with my left hand, I like to sort
of hold onto both knitting needles at this point because we’re going to take our yarn
with our right hand, this is step two, and we are wrapping our yarn around the right
needle from the back in a counter clockwise motion to the front. So that it rests right between those two needles. I’m going to undo it and do it again for you
here. Step two is wrapping our yarn around the right
needle from the back to the front, so that it rests between the two needles. Okay, step three is slide the right needle
down and bring the point forward through the stitch, bring the yarn with it. I’m going to undo it and do that one more
time for you. Step three is sliding the right needle down
underneath the left needle and bringing your yarn with it. Now right there is our little stitch. Step four is slipping that old stitch off
the left needle. And make sure you only slip that one stitch. Awesome! Okay. Now the new stitch is on your right needle. And you are ready to continue knitting the
entire row. That little yarn tail sometimes likes to hop
around, just get him under control keep him in the back there. Again, your working yarn that’s in your right
hand right there, is what you will be knitting with. And let’s do this again. Step one our right needle is going to go into
the front of that stitch, we take our yarn around, that’s step 2, now step three is sliding
it down bring the point forward, bring the yarn with it, and step four that stitch right
there slides off the left needle. And we have our second stitch. Let’s do this one more time together. Okay, step one, is taking the right needle
into that stitch, step two bring your yarn around resting between the two needles, step
three bring the yarn through and step four is taking the stitch off your left needle. Great. Continue knitting your entire row. Repeat these four steps for each stitch on
your left needle. At the end of the row, all the new stitches
are on your right needle now and your left knitting needle is empty. So then it’s time to knit more rows. Simply switch your knitting needles in your
hands so that the empty needle is in your right hand. Continue knitting each stitch on your needle,
switching your knitting needles at the end of every row. Action Item of the Day! Keep Knitting! Keep knitting the knit stitch row after row. There’s no limit to how much you should
knit, just keep knitting and proudly watch your knitted swatch grow. Tomorrow in Day 8, it will be a lot easier,
we are just going to sit back and take a closer look at the difference between a knit stitch
and a knit row. And now you can check off in your knitting
series planner. And if you still need to complete your knitting
tools haul, I do have a link in the description below on where you can purchase some inexpensive
knitting tools online. So how’d that go, guys? Let me know down in the comments below. Do you feel like you’ve finally are a knitter? Like, the light has come on and now you know
how to knit and now the world is totally open to all kinds of possibilities? That’s my hope. So let me know down in the comments below
how it’s going, make sure, if you’re not already, to please subscribe to Studio Knit. And join my mailing list, that’s a great way
for me to communicatied with you one on one. If you haven’t yet, what else do you need
to do? Watch more videos! Okay, there’s some here, some in the description
below, lots of playlists here on Studio Knit and I’ll see you next time, guys! Bye!

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