How to Knit Pumpkins | DIY Softie

The perfect knitted pumpkin Hi, Guys, and Welcome to Studio Knit! Today we are going to learn how to knit these
adorable Mini Pumpkins. These little pumpkin softies are the perfect autumn decor for Halloween,
Thanksgiving, and all throughout your Harvest season. The materials we will use are 4 double pointed
needles, I’m using size 4, worsted weighted yarn in any colors or fibers of your choice
for both your pumpkin and your stem, scissors, a tapestry needle, and some stuffing. Feel
free to knit your pumpkin in other needle sizes and yarn sizes to create larger or smaller
pumpkins. I am including links to my favorite free Pumpkin
Knitting Pattern at Knit Picks as well as all of the knitting techniques required to
complete our pumpkin in the description below. To make our knitted mini pumpkin, we first
make a stuffed ball, then separate six sections for the indented ridges, then we add an I-cord
stem, and we are done! So, If you think these little pumpkins look
like a fun quick knit, please hit like to let me know you would like to see more knitted
softie videos like this. So, let us get started. We will first cast on six stitches using the
long tail cast on method. Now, we will divide them onto three double pointed needles. So
we will have two stitches per needle. Join our stitches in the round and knit one row.
By the Knit Forward and Back on every stitch so we are increasing from 6 stitches to 12.
Next we will knit one round. Then continuing on, we will knit our increase rounds, then
alternate with Knit only rounds for 18 rows. When we are done, we will have 60 stitches
total. Once we have completed our increases, we will
knit in the round for 8 rows. And now it is time to decrease, and we do
that by Knitting two together. So just like our increases, we will Knit Two Together and
alternate our Knit only rows, and we continue decreasing until we have just twenty four
stitches remaining. And now it’s time to lightly stuff our pumpkin ball. And continue our decreases
until we have just six stitches remaining. We will cut our yarn, leaving a couple feet
of yarn. Cinch it up. Now using our tapestry needle, we will be drawing our yarn around
the pumpkin base and draw it up through the center to create six separations to make our
pumpkin ridges. To finish it off, create a six-stitch I-cord
to the length you desire and tack it into the top of your pumpkin for your stem. Too cute! You have just learned how to knit
Pumpkins. I hope you are inspired to give this quick knit project a try. And Thank You so much for watching Studio
Knit. Please subscribe and receive a new knitting lesson every Monday. Check out how to knit
an I-Cord for your Pumpkin stem, as well as my recent trip to the world famous Half Moon
Bay Art and Pumpkin Festival! Bye!

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