How to Knit Better : How to Adjust Knitting Yarn Tension

Now I’m going to do one more row of that “knit
two, pearl two” so you can get the hang of it. See, the trick of this is just remembering
when to pull the yarn back and forth. So here we go. The way that you get the pattern…we
are going to knit two. The way that you get the pattern is that you are knitting on top
of a pearl and you are pearling on top of a knit. So here comes the knit one and a knit
two. See, I’m catching myself there because I did it a little tight. Another thing you
have to remember is don’t knit too tight because when you do, it is just a nightmare getting
that stitch off, and you don’t want to make anything tough for yourself. So, we are on
pearl one and pearl two and then throw that yarn back over; goodbye! It’s time to knit;
and knit one and knit two. Oops! See what happens? I must have done that stitch a little
tight. But, it doesn’t matter, we’ve fixed it. And now we are going to pearl. Pull the
yarn to the front. Pearl, pearl, pearl one and pearl two. Now we are going to pull it
back to the back and we are finishing with knit two. I just did that first stitch too
tight. That’s a good example for you. Knit one, and knit two; excellent! There it goes.
So, now we’ve got our little…we could make this into some sort of a…maybe I’ll make
it for a cat. I’ll make some sort of cat scarf.

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