HOW TO KNIT BASKET SIDES (Week 2 of 3) 💖 Bernat Stitch Along

Hello and Welcome to the BERNAT STITCH ALONG. We are continuing our basket. So, last week was the first week of the Basket,
where we created the base of it in the round. Now that we have that established, we are
going to continue knitting it… I’m going to give you Mystery number 2 Clue. But first, I just want to remind you that
we are getting close to finishing that Afghan Blanket. So, here in Week 5 of the STITCH ALONG, after
you see how the Basket knits up, go check out that BLANKET and keep on knitting up your
blanket, as well. Okay, so the Mystery Clue for today for the
Basket. We are knitting up the sides. All the way up. And it will look like a finished basket today,
but there’s one more finishing touch that we are adding next week, so get your pattern,
watch how mine knits up, and then make sure you come back next week so you get that finishing
touch to make the perfect knitted basket. It’s just such a cool project. So, we’re picking up where we left off last
week. We have our base with our circular needles
still attached to our piece. And this is a Garter Basket but we’re knitting
in the round, so what we’re doing is we’re knitting all the way around to begin knitting
up the sides of our basket. And then our second round will be purling. Again, since we are knitting in the round,
we are doing one row of knit and one row of purl in order to achieve the garter stitch
for the sides of our basket. Once we’ve knitted all the way around and
our basket sides are 7 inches in height, we’re going to be adding 4 eyelets. So let me show you the techniques. The first is a decrease, which is KNIT 2 TOGETHER,
just taking those 2 stitches instead of knitting one stitch, we’re knitting two together. And the next is a YARN OVER and that is taking
your working yarn and wrapping it around your needle, your right needle one time counter-clockwise
before you knit your next stitch. So, just follow the pattern for these eyelets
and then once you’re finished with that round, you continue knitting for 2 more inches. So your piece from the bottom, from the base,
all the way up the sides is 9 inches in height total. And from here we just cast off. Go ahead, cast off however you would like. And then you can go ahead and cut your yarn,
weave in your yarn tail, cut your yarn, and we are done with week 2. And my basket, it is pretty loose, probably
because I knitted it a little too loosely. But when i fill it up with all of this cozy
BERNAT BLANKET YARN, it holds its shape really nicely. And I think this is a winner. So, I hope you guys have been having a lot
of fun just telling that yarn who’s boss with this project. Keep on knitting, let us know how it’s going
in the comments, make sure to use #HANDMADEWITHJOANN when you are sharing on social and I will
see you next week, guys. BYE!

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