How to Iron a Dress : How to Steam a Wool Shirt

Hello. I’m Donna Beth Joy Shapiro on behalf
of, and today I’m going to show you how to iron a dress. I’ve never
worn it. I just took it out. I think it would be nice to wear it. You would not iron this,
but you definitely could steam it. I would not put the steamer too close to this. Maybe
from back here. It won’t take much for the wool fibers in this skirt to relax. Another
reason I pulled this out of my closet is because there is a really stubborn wrinkle on the
back that I want to show you; right there. So, I’m just going to put a little bit of
steam; not too close. It might take a minute or two, but that wrinkle is definitely going
to fall out. You know what, in order to facilitate getting that nasty wrinkle out, I’ve just
stuck my hand under here between the wool skirt and the satin lining. So I’m better
able to direct the steam on the garment. I will say that if this was my favorite skirt,
I wouldn’t do this. You can see that the fabric changes colors slightly with the water. It
dries almost as fast, but I wouldn’t do this if this was my favorite garment. But this
is just a regular, serviceable, new (I might add; I did pay real money for this), and it
wasn’t even on sale. I just thought it was a really good looking skirt; really different.
It has a bit of a vintage flair to it. So, for just an investment of five minutes of
steam, we’ve got it back looking the way it did when I brought it home. So, it looks like
it’s ready to put on. I don’t think that it would have looked a whole lot different had
I taken it to the dry cleaner. Thanks for watching.

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