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  • Thank you so much!! This trick was a life-saver for me – I had something very similar in mind, but couldn't figure out exactly how. So awesome that even knitting is on youtube!

  • I've never seen this before. I love it! Thanks so much for the instruction. I always have to look up Kitchener too and I can have no interruptions when I'm doing it either or I forget where I am!

  • Thanks for your video for showing me how to graft my mitten closed at the top. The Kitchener stitch is difficult and I like this grafting technique better. In fact I realized as I was working with your video on my mitten, I already knew how to do this from sewing shoulder and side seams together on knitted sweaters. Thanks for taking the time to create this YouTube video. Penelope

  • THANK YOU!!!! I have been looking for this, and explained well. There are so many but none that I understood. THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!

  • This was incredibly helpful! My Kitchener stitch resulted in a bump in my mended sleeve, and this is perfectly flat! Your videos are my favorites to learn new skills. Thank you!!

  • Thanks so much for this video! I gave up on kitchener because I could never get it to look right. I can't wait to try this new method!

  • This does seem much better than Kitchener stitch – I too found it hard to remember. And, I like the life line tip as well.

  • Thank you so much was wonderful as I was looking after many years for just this grafting pattern now maybe I can grab that sweater that was left not finished because I didn't know how to graft. Now I might not be as afraid. And again thank you

  • I cannot explain how instrumental this was to helping me finish a huge project that I'd made an error on. It was tricky at the end because I was knitting in the round, but I figured it out well enough to satisfy my rather critical eye. Thank you so much!!! 🙂

  • I've tried two email addresses and I can't join your group. This was the best explanation of grafting I have seen. Thank you!

  • Thanks you for your Tutoring . I knit the shoulders for a vest. I so glad to find this video
    Do you have your web side for watching another video?

  • Thank you for this video on flat grafting!  I'm delighted that it was still available.  It has rescued the Fair Isle sweater I'm knitting for my daughter where I somehow omitted 8 rows by misreading the pattern and was heart sick to think I had to frog back 42 rows to fix the omission.  Thank you a hundred fold for continuing to recommend "looking at the stitches!"

  • Always late to discover the best technique…Thank you, your way is so much better than others. I'll know better next time. 😀

  • At last, the best video explaining clearly and concisely how to do this stitch-many thanks and much gratitude!

  • Oh wow! I love this explanation….so much easier…I will continue with my first sewing project and not stash it away in the drawer now! Thank you. You've got me hooked now! Thanks from downunder x

  • Fantastic!  I've learned to knit in the round after a lifetime of straight needles.  I made fingerless gloves and for the first time tried to add a convertible mitten flap.  A kitchener stitch was required for closure. With magic loop (which is what I learned from videos) I did that and it was a flop trying to close it.  Your way seems much simple but is this doable when I can't lay the knitting flat towards each other with them being held together in that fashion?  I'd love to be able to use your way to do it 🙂  Thanks.

  • Hi Cheryl – This was terrific! Kitchener videos that kept repeating "knitwise" and "purlwise" were driving me crazy because my natural self-taught method approaches the stitch post reversed from normal English and Continental knitting (but it gets the job done…) This was super clear and – of course – it is so much better to look at your knitting and understand what you need to accomplish – then do it!

  • I'm going to practice this! I just finished knitting a sweater, stockinette arms and back with a lace pattern front with 3 3/4 size needles. First lace project. It took me 6 weeks. While sewing it together, I discovered that I misread the pattern. The armhole in the back is 2 inches too short. This technique is going to save my work! Thank you!

  • After MUCH searching… I have found the Holy Grail! You, my dear, have the best grafting tutorial. Thank you so very very much.

  • I'm actually quite comfortable with the Kitchener stitch – which I prefer to 'knit' off with my needles rather than 'sew' off with a tapestry needle – but I love this technique!!
    It would be a bit more tricky to visualize when grafting the toe of a sock, say, but for flat knitting or circular knitting that's not tapering significantly, this is great stuff!!

  • I am about to try this technique with a k2, p2 scarf pattern…! Will it work?! Just have to dive in and find out…..but if you're there, Cheryl, any tips are welcome!! Thanks.

  • Hi Cheryl! I really like this. If I'm not wrong, this is mattress stitch used through the live loops instead of the edge stitches. Is that correct? I didn't even know it would work on the tops of the stitches. I don't know why I never tried it, in fact, just to see what would happen. But this makes me wonder why anyone still uses Kitchener when this is easier and just as invisible and effective. Tubular bind off, here I come!

  • Wow, that's an amazing knitting technique! Thank you! I've been struggling with the kitchener stitch, but it's never as flat as I'd like. Your technique is perfect every time! Thank you!

  • Aí sim, tô vendo vários vídeos, pra entender essa costura, mais não entendia nada, ninguém faz igual você, parabéns, bem mais fácil.

  • I can‘‘t thank you enough for this tutorial. I have searched and watched several videos about this but all except yours are so complicated. You saved me :)!

  • I love it ! I have attempted to do grafting and always have to give up because I knit mostly the extra fine cashmere yarn and it get unravel . Thanks

  • Cheryl how to I graft for garter stitch in other words I would have graft the 2 knit stitch with a purl stitch to make it a garter stitch? Thank you

  • After endless hours I finally can do this graphing. Please note, she does not make reference to this in the video, watch your leg orientation. It makes a big difference in how your graphing line turns out. Thank you for this easier way to graph 2 pieces together.

  • Cheryl, thank you for the video. I was wondering how one would adapt this for grafting ribbing? Do you have a video for that?

  • Thank you so much!!! You are a great teacher. After struggling with several other videos and photo tutorials, I found yours and it's simply the best. Thanks for sharing your knowledge with us. Video saved in my "Knitting" list. Greetings from Mexico 🙂

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