How To Get A Girl To Hook Up With You | 3 Things She Needs To Know To Consider A One Night Stand!

if you’ve ever found yourself in a
situation when you wanted to get close with a girl and you wanted maybe to
sleep with her but you found a very careful around going in that direction
with you then you may have overlooked addressing some of her biggest fears
around sex with you or even just getting intimate with you in any way so in this
video I want to help you address some of the biggest fears around getting
intimate with you or having sex with you and how to address them easily up front
so that these fears basically don’t even pop up in our mind so much my name is
Stephan Erdman I’m dedicated to help you to attract women in a natural way
without any kind of weird pick-up bullshit if you want to see my upcoming
videos click the link here and also hit the notifications bell so that you get
the actual updates when I upload new videos now here’s something that a lot
of guys don’t realize women really like good sex
in fact they love it probably more than us on average so why do they not throw
themselves at guys wherever they can and why can they be so difficult to get used
to this idea of having sex with you the answer is simple because they’re bigger
risks associated with sex for women than for men when it comes to sex despite all
the condoms in the world there is a real risk for women to get pregnant and it
does happen in this day and age so this is a real fear for a girl and it’s good
for you to be aware of that women also fear being judged because of the sad
tradition of slut shaming women and calling guys studs that sleep around
okay when everybody could just basically do the same thing and feel good about it
and women also are worried about what if it doesn’t really go anywhere what if
the sex is bad and they don’t want to see the guy again
will he get complicated aggressive possessive all of these things there are
many stories that I’ve heard from some of my female friends when guys basically
you assume just because they’ve slept together once somehow they’re boyfriend
and girlfriend now and call them every minute of the day rather than letting
things happen the step by step and just developed from there right guys can get
really controlling at that point and women are worried about that women also
fear guys basically boasting about hooking up with them – they’re sometimes
mutual friends that’s a real fear because then women’s reputation can get
ruined by basically people gossiping and you know this happens especially of
course in high schools at universities and things like that
strangely it never seems to negatively affect the reputation of the guy most
often it’s seen as positive for the guy negative for the girl so that’s why even
if a girl is turned on ready to go she will still probably play it cool unless
she’s in a very specific situation and you’ve done some of the right things
before that moment when she notices yes I’m into this guy and actually I want to
sleep with him right now so what are some things you can do well
you’ve got to address those three big fears number one you’ve got to prove to
her that you’re not judgmental about women or anyone number two you’ve got to
prove to her that even though you are attracted to definitely and you will
definitely want to get into her pants and you might want to make that quite
clear in a playful way that you are laid-back about sex it doesn’t mean
anything at that point and you’re not gonna get possessive controlling oil
assume that you’re gonna be in a relationship because you are you know
getting intimate with her number three you want to prove to her in some way
that you discreet and that you care about her well-being and her reputation
as much as your own and you’re not gonna be boasting about sleeping with her
after it happened to your friends or her friends or anybody or put it on Facebook
so how do you do that this is where stories can come in really nicely if you
want her to understand that use somebody that doesn’t judge people or women
specifically you can just tell a story about a friend of yours who may be very
unconventional and how you really admire the fact that she doesn’t care what
people think and that she just you know if she likes a guy she
goes for it and it doesn’t really affect like there may be one or two people
judging her but she doesn’t care at all and she doesn’t take any shit from
anybody about that if you have a friend like that that you admire great so tell
that story to the second point you can just bring up some of that that you find
it completely weird how sometimes guys can get so possessive or controlling or
they kind of think that you know you could they sleep with a girl once and
some other in a relationship how you find that really quite strange and that
you know that’s something that you know one or two of your female friends have
told you about you can just throw in a quick comment about that and it will
just sink in and she’ll just automatically understand that that’s
where you are coming from and it will allow her to feel more safe with you now
the last point about caring for her well-being honestly guys totally
underestimate this because they think somehow they have to be tough and show
this interest and stuff but you can you can be playful all of that and still
show that you care about her being safe and feeling good and comfortable and
that you care about her reputation you can just do that by being a good guy too
you know notice the little things where you can make sure she’s okay and
secondly you can also throw in a little story about something and you can do
that literally by saying hey you know I don’t post much on Facebook or Instagram
or something I never understand what people have to put all their private
moments online for everybody to see it’s a very strange thing isn’t it and then
you get maybe into a quick conversation about that but she’s understood that
you’re not gonna be going around you know saying hey I slept with this in
this girl and blah blah blah or you gonna talk to your mutual friends or
something at the same time though you want to be open with the fact that you
find her attractive flirting with her teasing her saying stuff like oh you’re
very cute I’ve got to control myself here you you’re being a bad influence on
me in a playful way now all of those things is where you’re flirting when
you’re teasing when you’re basically saying yes I find you attractive
but at the same time I’m super chilled about sex I’m super careful around
your feelings because I want you to feel great and feel free with me and I’m
totally not judgmental on women or myself or anybody because I feel people
should just do what they want to do now when you can bring those things across
by your behavior and by maybe one or two anecdotes or stories you’ve just
successfully removed the biggest fears that might be going around in a mind
related to hooking up with you basically if you want to learn how to make the
next steps and build that attraction and conversation go here to this link and
I’ll tell you more there

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