How to Finish Off a Crochet Project! Easy Tutorial

hey fellow crafters welcome back for another video so today we’re going to wrap up pretty much the basics of crochet so far you learn so much you know how in my previous videos I’ve covered how to do the chain stitch how to do the single crochet stitch and how to double crochet and I’ve shown you how to work up multiple rows and hopefully you’ve also been flying my blog at craft fairs autonomous comm and on there I gave a pattern for a little hot pad that you can make but there’s one important thing you still don’t know how to do it’s kind of like at this point you finally learn how to ride the bike and you’re going down the hill and you’re getting faster and faster and so much fun until you realize how do you stop you don’t know how the brakes work so I’m going to talk about today is how to finish up my crochet project so let’s take a look at these guys right here from last time you may remember these little squares from my growing up video about how to do extra rows of double crochet stitches and if you look at these when you get to the end you’ll have a loop here and of course you’ll have your hook through the loop I have these pulled big so you can see them easily and it’s a very simple method that you want to fasten this off because if you take this a new pole you can travel the entire project which you probably don’t want to happen after you’ve spent a bunch of time working on so I’m going to show you how to finish these off you’re probably going to want the tapestry needle at this point you can use just a crochet hook but a tapestry needle makes it a million times easier so you’re going to want your tapestry needle and a pair of scissors so let’s get started so here we are we have our finished little square in the ball of yarn and so if I let’s say I just finished crocheting across this final row so I have my hook in here like this and the yarn like this so first I’m going to show you how to do it using crochet hooks so that way you’ll appreciate just how handy this method is but then also if you don’t have a tapestry needle with you you can go ahead and still be able to finish it so the actual is quill out this hook here this was my this is my great-grandmother’s hook from one shoe crocheted so this is a really old hook but still a boyfriend so I guess you still use that printer back then even so the steps to start are going to be the same because the idea is we want to do something that will keep this from unraveling so we’re going to do first ones we’re going to yarn over pull through and now normally just pull through like this basically like a chain but this time we’re going to pull this loop big and as I pull this loop big this side just feeds through here but if I pull on this side watch there it gets tighter and smaller so I’m going to pull it through until it’s about three inches long to the end here I’m going to take my scissors and cut the loop now this tail end just pull and it comes out and I’m going to Snug this up and now I have a knot at the end so that way it won’t unravel which is awesome but the downside of this this is the part that most people who crochet or knit or things like this can’t stand is you’ve got to hide these ends because no one wants to have a project with tails of yarn sticking out so the idea is we’re going to weave we don’t want to cut this too short because if we just cut it short right there at the knot the whole thing could kind of could unravel which would defeat the purpose of the knot so the idea is we want to leave a long enough tail but we don’t want it to be seen so we’re just going to stitch it under here we’re going to weave it in so let’s first show you with a crochet hook now I used a size J hook to crochet this piece but if I try to use this hook to weave it in I’m going to get it’s too big to come in through the loop so I want to use a smaller hook the size here is an F hook so you want to find places that you can just kind of weave in there’s no right or wrong way to do this that’s the nice part so if I’m thinking through I want to come down this and then along the bottom here so I’m going to weave this in through there because where I put this this is where the tail end of your honor is going to get pulled through and let’s work up through here this it’s a little trickier to work to get it in there and I’m going to just kind of hook this on here and pull it through those loops there I’m just kind of Snug it up so you don’t see it and you see I’ve got a good bit woven in it’s this tale here so I can either finish weaving in this whole entire tale or I can just cut it short bear if I think I have enough woven in which is what I’m going to do for this one take a little cut there before you cut you may want to kind of taught on the fabric a little bit because depending on how tight your stitches are the tailing may get pulled too much and then you have the tail sticking out again and then you’ll have to weave it in again which is why tail ends are super pesky so I’m going to weave this guy back in for a moment you can see what’s supposed to look like but the idea is just to kind of disguise that tail and somewhere in the world and they are going to swim this guy out you can see that we’ve hidden a tail end and we would do the same thing with this bottom piece let’s look at the next method I’ll move these guys out of the way and get the green square so as I was saying that’s the method using the crochet hook we’re going to use the method using the tapestry needle this time so I’m going to start the same where my hook is in here yarn over pull through pull a big loop and I’m going to tighten it you can see watch right there I get smaller tighten it cut this loop and pull this out snug it up and the won’t length you leave the talent isn’t super important the thing is you want to leave it long enough so that you have something to work with so you can weave it in because if it’s too short it’s really hard to weave in but you also don’t want to be super long because then you have to weave it in all in the stitches so we’re going to thread the tail end of yarn through the tapestry needle and you might be thinking how in the world do we go to go like that I’m going to show you a really easy tip so you take it and you’re going to hold the hook facing this way and you’re going to come from the bottom and pinch it on there like that and I’ll pull this out but keep it pinched and then you’re going to push that little fold up through the hook now I have a needle let the hooks bury and then finish pulling it through and now it’s threaded on here I’ll show you that one more time hold on to the piece bring this up from the bottom pinch it on the eye at the needle pull the needle I want to keep it pinched tight and just work it through and then just pull the rest of it through and now you have it thread it on here and the rest from this point on it’s pretty easy you just want to weave the tapestry needle in I like to work along the bottom you can kind of see where I came through both times at the bottom of the stitch it just I think it hides it pretty well and it usually holds you can go down a row you can go up a row you can go all kinds of directions and I can show you some different ways because sometimes even after you weave it in the tail ends like to pop up I can do another video sometimes showing some different methods that’ll help it not do that so much and then just pull it through and I’m going to that’s going to be good enough so I’m going to cut this talent and of course I saw this one at the beginning I would need to do the same process with the piece at the bottom but that’s the gist of it how I just weave the tail end in and now there’s no more that pesky yarn and that’s all there is to it so there you go now you know how to get rid of those pesky tail ends of your line and unfortunately that’s probably the worst part of crocheting because you get all done with your project or like yes it’s so beautiful I want to use it and then you’re like oh yeah I’ve got to hide all those tail ends of yarn but I promise it’s not hard you can definitely get the hang of this and congratulations because now you know all the basics of crochet in the world is yours you can go out there and make anything you want keep following my blog at crafters autonomous comm and I’ll keep posting more crafting ideas and I’ll have a lot of crochet tutorials on there and keep watching my channel for more great crochet ideas until next time bye

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