How to finger crochet bulky yarn

We are going to finger crochet this
jumbo yarn. It’s fluffy 1 ply yarn that is sold under different names like super
bulky. I’m going to make three basic stitches: chain, single crochet and double
crochet. So let’s start to make a chain first. You need the loop to start with, so
I’m starting to chain. There are of course different ways of doing it,
different people have different ways of holding the yarn. I do it in such a way
that I basically use my index finger as if it was a crochet hook. So let’s start!
I’m putting my finger under the yarn from the front and then just pulling it
through the loop, and again under the yarn on the front and through and so on. It takes a while to get it
even that each stitch is the same size but you can tighten it also after you
have done the stitch. I make a few more before turning. Here we are and then I’m
going back on my chain using single crochet stitches. Not the first one but
the one after that and I put my finger through the loop and pull the yarn
through it, so now I have two loops and then again from the front yarn over and
pull it through both of these here I am helping it with my thumb a bit like
pinching my two fingers together to get it out through this one and then again
through here getting the yarn through and there and through both of them, like
that. This is too long now so I am tightening it a bit and so on just
continue like this the whole row. Basically you are doing exactly the same
as if you had a hook just you don’t. There, so I’ll continue now this until
the end of the row and then the next row will be double crochets. There, and then
I’m making two chain stitches instead of the first double crochet or you can make
three, some people would make three. Then I turn it and start the double crochets.
Double crochets using the American term, it’s trebles in British crochet terms. So, a yarn-over and on the previous row you can either
take both of the loops or one of them. I’m taking both and putting my finger
through underneath them and under the yarn to take a yarn-over through there.
So now I have three yarns on my finger and then again a yarn-over and through
two just like in ordinary crochet and again yarn-over and through the rest of
the two. One and two, there. Do it again. Yarn-over, finger through the previous
row, yarn-over and pull it through, again through two and through -two. You do need to help it at times. So this is simply how you’ll continue. I’ll do it a couple
more times a bit quicker because you do get reasonably quick at it after
you get used to it. This here is a snood that I’m working
on here I have double crochets and one chain and then double crochets and the
next row as you can see I have taken the double crochet in between the double
crochets of the previous row. So there are lots of things you can use this for
and it’s fun to work with.

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