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Hi, I’m Jillian and today I want to show you how to make a scarf using a really cool crochet technique called finger crochet.
The best part of this technique is that you don’t need any hooks or
needles. All you need are two skeins of yarn, a pair of scissors and your fingers.
Even if you never crocheted or knitted before, I feel like this is something
that you could definitely do. Right now super chunky yarns are really hot and
trendy and we have some great ones available in our stores and online. Loops
and Threads makes a yarn called Biggie and Huge, which is really nice and fluffy and this
lovely colorful yarn called Ziggy, which is what we’re gonna be using to make our scarf today.
The first step to making your scarf is creating the slipknot. Take the yarn and
place it over your hand like so. You’re gonna wrap the yarn around and in the back, tuck your working yarn through, creating a loop. Now pull that loop and holding onto the tail let go and pull it tight. Here’s your
slipknot. Now for this scarf, we need a chain 72 stitches. Reach through your slipknot with one or two fingers and your thumb and grab your working yarn and
pull it through. That’s one chain. Let’s do it again. Reach through with these three fingers, grab the working yarn and pull it through. To have better
control, make sure that you’re moving your middle finger and your thumb up right below where you’re working to hold on tight. Reach through and pull through. If you lose your grip, it’s okay. It’s easy to adjust. Remember to keep these chains. They don’t have to
be too tight because you’ve got to be able to reach your fingers through. So you’re going to do this 72 times to complete your chain stitch. Now that you’ve finished 72 chains, I’m gonna show you how to do your first row of single crochet. You’re gonna grab your chained piece and make sure it’s horizontal. You’re gonna find the first bump and this is one of the last chains you did right here and we’re gonna reach through that hole with both
fingers and grab our working yarn. When you pull it through and slide both back on to
your finger and your thumb. So now you have two loops. Be sure to keep hold tight
with your middle finger and your thumb so you can keep your tension. The next step in a single crochet is to
reach back over and grab your working yarn and pull it through, leaving one
loop on your thumb and your fingers in your right hand. Let’s do that again. We’re
gonna find the next bump; it’s right here. We’re going to reach through and grab my yarn, pull it through and over so I have two loops and then reach back over the top
and grab my working yarn and slide it through. Now that you’ve finished your single crochet all the way down your chain and reached the end, I’m gonna show you how to turn and go
back. To do this, you’re gonna create one chain, reach over and pull through, just like we
learned in the beginning. Now you’re going to flip your work over and hold it
in your left hand. We’re going to single crochet back through and the easy way to
find where you need to go is to look for the V’s. If you see the V here and here,
that’s where you’re going to crochet through. So through that first V, reach through both strands, grab your yarn and pull it through, over your thumb and your finger. Reach over the top and grab your working yarn and pull the loop through. Let’s do it again. Here’s the next V. We’re going to reach through, grab my yarn over my thumb and my fingers, reach over the top and pull the loop through. Keep
doing this all the way down until you reach the end and then you’ll do another
chain stitch and turn. I just finished my sixth row and I’m
happy with the width of my scarf. To get this width, I used exactly two skeins. Now
it’s time to knot off to finish this scarf. So I still have my fingers through the
last loop. I trimmed my tail to about five or six inches. I’m going to pull the tail through the last loop and pull it tight. Lastly you need to weave your tail in to
hide it within your scarf. Just like we did before, we’re going to look for the V’s. in our crochet and weave the tail in and out until it disappears completely. You can always trim off a little bit at the very end. Once you finish this with your end tail piece, don’t forget to go back and
do with your beginning tail piece as well. Can you believe how easy it was to make
this scarf in about two hours? I can’t wait to make more gifts for my
family, friends and loved ones.

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