How to Find International Buyers? | आंतरराष्ट्रीय Buyers कैसे ढूंढे | iiiEM

Hello Everyone There are numerous people who have very important questions such as – Can I do export- import? Can I find international buyers? Can you please help me in guiding that which product should be exported to which countries I would like to explain you one simple thing Some of the India’s states have 6 –7 crores of population and the total population of India is more than 1.25 crore of population and the total population of India is more than 1.25 crore of population If we can find buyer/s easily in this much of population in the local business just think about the number of buyer/s we can find in 700 crore population of the world It is just not possible that you cannot find a buyer It can be considered as the biggest MYTH There are endless buyers available all over the world Only 17 percent of the total population of the world resides in India and rest 83 percent resides out of India The biggest problem is where and how to find the buyers We have learned that get the data from customs or where all places does India export India has ONLY 2 percent share in exports in the world trade market We do not know where the 98 percent resides So just by inquiring about data from 2 percent exporters how will you grow your business Stop fighting internally and think about the bigger future It is very important to know the International sources for achieving greater heights Before searching for the buyers, it is very vital to know the product its quality and the market for which you wish to make the product or sell the product Once you are clear about the product, quality and the market in which you wish to sell it would be easy to find the buyer/s Your share in the local market can be 5 percent of the product The total share of India in the international market would not be more than 5 percent and so your share/ contribution is just 0.25 percent The rest 95 percent is also doing the business and selling and making the product you should understand one thing that when would they be doing this only when there are buyers and users of that product You need to check out the same in detail Once you are clear about the product and quality you wish to export then find the top 10 importing countries of that particular product once you are clear that this your product and I can sell in this country not India but some other country is exporting Do detailed study and ground- work for quality and do proper marketing. Adopt one rule – What people see is what people buy so adopt well planned marketing strategies and accordingly promote your product Contact Indian Embassy, local trade associations, attend trade fairs and local market Register yourself in B2B sites of that country It is very important to understand the market in which you wish to export and contact the buyer It is very important to understand the market in which you wish to export There are times when it might happen that you send a lower quality product which is not acceptable in that country and so the buyer would reject the sample and so be careful for the same. You need to adopt the standards of developed countries such as Europe or North America or similar other countries as they have specific standards and certificates set for the same Until you do not have the certificates, buyer would not be dealing in it. Just think about when you learned to drive a car, pressing accelerator was not the first thing that was been taught to you Once you learn brake, clutch and other basics the concept and detailing of the accelerator would be taught If you wish to do successful exporting, you should adopt two principles of SAI BABA, namely Shraddha and Saburi. Shraddha in terms of business would mean, if someone can do business, why can’t I? If others are doing the same business that too without any loses, why can’t I do it. The whole process of cracking the deal would take time and so you need to be patient enough Just by becoming successful in finding buyer, one cannot do Export and so a proper system needs to be followed A proper ground- work with detailed analysis needs to be done You must also think about the manner of communication as it plays an important part. Once a proper system is been adopted, you can easily do International business on regular basis. Let the GOLDEN BIRD Days come back in India.

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