How to embroider a pumpkin * Amazing Embroidery 3 D * Stumpwork Halloween * #malina_gm

threads :DMC or bamboo floss embroidery hoop art chinese floss soft threads for this embroidery will not work DMC melange thread How to embroider a pumpkin tapestry needle drawing in centimeters embroidery in 6 threads can increase the number of pumpkin slices pumpkin may be a different size calculation of the size of one slice: double length and plus half Weave picot Repeat the same embroider the rest of the petals in a circle Stitching parts together in 1 thread thin needle The filler for pumpkin fabric tulle the filler for toys strengthen the center for pumpkin the length of the large needle is 8 cm a needle with a small eye would be better fasten the thread from the wrong side embroidery of other details in 3 threads chain stitch Whipped Whipped stem stitch Leafs Buttonhole / Blanket Stitch Thank you for watching!

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