How to edit with your Iphone or Android- Basic Trimming with Your Phone -4K

Hi Taylor here with Financial Potion where
video is your Financial Potion. Today we’re going to talk about a super
simple, consumer can do editing. First if you haven’t make sure to subscribe
to our channel and click on the bell to get notified when a new video is uploaded so you
can be empowered right away to keep up with your video marketing. If you want more one to one assistance, hop
over to our Patreon page. So more than likely when you’re starting
out you’re using your phone to record your videos, which is great. You may have invested in a tripod, lights
and a mic and everything looks great however there is always that rough start and end from
pressing record. Well today you’re going to change that forever. On every camera video app there is a feature
to trim. If you have an android you’re going to look
for the pencil and it may even say “edit”, and if you have an iphone, click on “edit”
on the top right. For Android you have an option to add some
filter effects, as well as adjust the audio and add basic background music, however today
we’re talking about trimming. By clicking on the bars on the end you can
then trim the beginning and end to have a clean video. For Iphones, it’s the same however you’ll
see a yellow bar go around the whole timeline. Now you’ll have a clean video with no odd
start and stop reactions. To help you be more successful with this,
make sure to smile for a 3 count at the beginning and end of your videos. This will be an easy que for you to look for
when finding the spot to trim to. Have a great time creating videos and stay

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