How to Double Crochet 2 Together (DC2TOG)

Hi this lesson is about how to do a double crochet two together so if your pattern calls for making a double crochet two together this video
should be able to help you with that first we’re going to chain 13 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9 10, 11, 12, 13 and then I’m keeping in mind that we do…whenever
you chain yuo have to add a certain number for your turning chain so we did twelve so that I could have this and this here as my turning chain so we’re gonna count 2 from the
hook 1, 2 and in the third chain from the hook we’re going to start with our stitches so to double crochet two together what you’re gonna do is you’re going to begin as if you’re doing a regular double crochet yarn over insert your hook yarn over you have three hoops on the hook now and you’re going to yarn over and you’re gonna pull through 2 because that is how you would normally begin your double crochet at the end of that is where things change now you have 2 loops on your hook and you want to keep
the second loop on the hook because that is the final
loop for your double crochet that your creating
and since you want to double crochet two together we need to keep that hook there then you’re going to yarn over and insert the hook into the next chain yarn over pull it through so now you have 4 loops on your hook your going to yarn over and pull through 2 so that you complete
the first part of the double crochet and as you
will see here if you can see it well you have you’re starting loop then you have the
second loop which is part of the second double crochet and the third loop which
is part of that double crochet so now you have 2 double crochet loops on your hook you are now ready to double
crochet 2 together so you yarn over you pull through all three loops on the hook so that you reduce the number and stitches that you’ll have
that is your decrease again to do a double crochet two together you will yarn over insert the hook into the stitch pull up a loop as you would normally in a double
crochet yarn over and pull through the first 2 loops as you would in a double crochet and
then there’s where you will stop and keep the second loop the loop on the hook yarn over and insert into the following hook pull up a loop and then start that double crochet as
you would by pulling through 2 loops now that you have 2 loops for two double
crochet on the hook 2 loops for two for the two double crochet on the hook you will now yarn over and pull through all the loops on the hook we’re going to do that again
just so that you can kind of really get the idea that is basically you’re decrease row
when you’re working with double crochet if you want to decrease if it says to double crochet three together then
what you do is the same thing but you enter into three loops so you go 1, start your
double crochet 2, start your double crochet and 3, start your double crochet and then when you have 3 loops from 3 double crochet, 3 loops from 3 double crochet on your hook then
you yarn over and pull through now you’ve
decreased by two stitches instead of just one but
there are lots of variations on the number of double crochet to do together that is a
way to do a cluster as well as considered to be a cluster when
you double crochet on different a different
number stitches together a and it works to decrease your row as well as to
create beautiful pattern depending on what the pattern is that
you are following so if you have any questions on
this please as always leave me a comment send me e-mail get in touch with me I love to hear your
feedback and of course have fun!

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  • thank you for explanation of this, I am a beginner and it gets a little confusing for me but i'll get it, thanks so much

  • Thank you so much for making and uploading this tutorial! I am currently in the process of trying to crochet different patterns. Unfortunately, I hit a stumbling block when dc2tog came up, and because I had difficulty trying to decipher the instructions in the book I'm currently using, I gave up trying to crochet patterns that had dc2tog in completely. However, after watching this tutorial I am now confident enough to give those patterns I missed another go! Thanks again, Emma.

  • Hello Sedruola,
    thank you for the tutorial.
    I have a question, if we want to make a dc2tog at the beginning of a row, we start by chaining 3 or 2?

  • Thank you for your reply 🙂
    In fact, I have a pattern in 2 different publications. in the first one, it says ch3, tr in next sc (counts as tr2tog),
    in the second one, it says ch4, tr in next sc (counts as tr2tog),
    I dunno which one to follow!
    I asked about the dc2tog since it's the same idea…

  • You have explained this crochet stitch in the most easy to follow, easy to understand, and the reason it's called by dc2tog. I'm so excited to find your channel. Thank you soooo much from a beginner yarn obsessed woman.

  • Viewed 4 other tutorials before I found you. It is so simplified that I understood the first time I watched. Thanks for posting, I am subscribing.

  • My first time watching, you made it very simple. I get road blocks & need a freshener, you helped a lot. I'm subscribing

  • Hi Sedrula! I’m new to the crochet world and I’m loving it! You are a wonderful teacher. Thanks for sharing your gift.

  • I've just taken up crocheting again after a many-years absence and my mind is totally blank! Use it or lose it is soooo true!!! Thanks for this refresher!. Watched another good video on this, but it just didn't ring any bells and wouldn't stay in. Then I caught yours. Great explanations and it all came back (besides which yours was correct and the other wasn't). Thanks so much! Have 4 baby afghans to make and can't go brain dead again, but at least I know where to come for help! Good job

  • What a great video! I love that you explain the meaning of the term along with showing how to do it – this is great!

  • WOW — I loved your video — your style of teaching is awesome, slow and patient — I am new again to crochet…and I need all the help I can get. Thanks

  • 28 July '13
    Hello Sedroula,
    Why do you start at THIRD chain to start the double crochet instead of the 2nd chain?
    Thank you for your great video?

  • 28 July
    Hello Sedroula, My pattern Round 7 instructs:
    ch 2, 6 hdc, 7 sc, [dec next 2 dc tog] 3 times, 1 dc, [dec next 2 dc tog] 3 times, 7 sc, 6 hdd, join with sl st.
    What do they mean 3 times ?
    Can you demonstrate this? Thank you very much?

  • 29 July Hello Sedruola,
    Thank you for all your responses! I will take your instructions and try it out . Sometimes it is difficult understanding the instructions. You explained the 3 times very well. I will try it out! Thank you very much!
    Love your videos ! May

  • 11 Aug '13 8:02pm Pacific Time
    Hello Sedruola,
    when you start at the 3rd chain ref a double crochet, is this ONLY for the beginning of a chain ? or will you continue to start at a 3rd chain on every row after the first chain ? Thank you, Please advise asap. May

  • 11 Aug '13

    Do you do it 3 times in the EXACT SAME chain/stitch or does it mean 3 times in the NEXT two chains after the first chain? Thank you. May

  • I'm an experienced knitter and crocheter, but I like watching tutorials for new patterns and to see the instructor's method of teaching. You are the one of the BEST I've seen! Very clear, concise, and logical instructions, and you go at a speed those learning need. Good lighting, and great closeups!

  • This an excellent tutorial!  I had no trouble understanding at all.  Clearly described and excellent camera angles.  I am so grateful for your wonderful tutorial.  

  • THANK YOU!!!!! I was looking for a pattern and all of them said this and I had no idea how to do this!!!!! You are a life savor!!

  • is there different ways to dc2tog?
    I just saw another video that confused me because I do it the way you show in the video and the other guy doesn't YO before he inserts into second stich

  • Thank. You I finely chagut ht on I was doing it wrong and watching you I I see how to do it thanks q1. Again I am ninth years old so Lt is hard to go by the the. Pattern

  • Great explanation!   I have tried for days to understand this stitch on various other videos but now i finally understand after seeing your video. Thank you for such a clear and helpful video!!  

  • Thank you so much! I am a beginner and you really helped me out! Your directions were very clear and you explained why it is called a double crochet! 🙂

  • my goodness, I believe you've been my greatest crochet teacher, as I've mostly learned from your videos all the stitches I've used so far (I'm still a beginner, and there's so much to learn!) thank you for sharing the craft for all to learn!

  • Thank you for making this tutorial.  I have been trying to figure this stitch out all day.  Now I know how to do it.  Thank you again.  

  • I just had to comment on how clear your video is–so many times you can "sort of" see what the teacher is doing but yours–visually, it's just about perfect. I don't know if it's the color of yarn, the camera or what but it's so easily viewed. Thank you so much.

  • to my surprise I've been decreasing wrong this whole time.  When I go into the next stitch i do not yarn over, is this totally wrong?

  • I love the fact you slow down when speaking and repeating the stitch….  Your a great teacher.  Big Thank You!!

  • Thank you for this awesome lesson!!  It looks like I have been doing this correctly.  I am actually TRYING to crochet an afghan and the pattern is supposed to be waves.  SO, basically it calls for 6 dc2tog followed by 3 dc on the next three chains.  I do this but I do not see the "wave" pattern that I see on the picture.  Hmmmmm……

  • Hello, Thanks for the great tutorial. I have a question about your stitch height. I notice that after you yo and pull through, you actually lift the yarn up quite high (e.g. 2:53, 3:51). I was taught to keep the loop the size of the hook shaft. Is there special reason that you do that? Or it's just a habit? Do you have a problem of uneven stitches sometimes? Please advise.

  • Hey Honeysabai, I do not have a problem with uneven stitches much at all. I think it is just a matter of what you're used to doing. 🙂

  • You explained that wonderfully but I have a question…when you 2dc2tog do they then count as 1 stitch or do you count them as 2?

  • Ms Sede I love how you explain things. I appreciate this so much. Is it possible to explain how to do the stitch dc7tog please?

  • merci beaucoup j'ai bien compris maintenant super merciiiiiiiii,heureusement qu'il y a des personnes comme vous ça aide vraiment.bye bye

  • Bonjour,l'orthographe c'est pas grave ça s'apprend comme le crochet,le principale on se comprend encore merci,maintenant je vais essayer de lire et suivre un diagramme.C'est pas gagné!!!!!!!!bye bye

  • You are AWESOME !! I've watched other videos, and no one explained as good as YOU…you are so patient and I GOT it !!! Thank you so much !

  • can you show me how to do a dc2tog-over-3 (double crochet 2 together worked over 3 stitches) please? i am so lost with this on the pattern im working on. Thank you very much

  • Thank you so much! I've been staring at my pattern for ages trying to work out how to do it. You've made it really easy!

  • Great Video, nice voice and very good explained.
    Thanks for sharing, have a nice day.
    Greetings from Holland 👍👍🌷

  • Thank you so much… this just made the pattern I’m working on a whole lot clearer..the visual and the the way you talked us through this stitch is perfect…again, thank you♥️

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