How To Crochet – Tunisian Knit Stitch (TKS) Crochet Stitch

Hello this tutorial is on how to do a Tunisian knit stitch I previously posted a video on how to do the Tunisian simple
stitch and this is what the Tunisian simple
stitch looks like so I wanted to continue with this piece but doing the Tunisian knit stitch some times you get confused that this is
the Tunisian knit stitch but it actually is just the simple
stitch the basic Tunisian stitch in order to do
the Tunisian knit stitch, excuse me you instead of inserting your hook behind the vertical stitch here as you would for the simple
stitch you insert it between that vertical bar and the back vertical bar and I’m I’m not sure if you can see that really
well here I’m gonna try to show you but you insert your hook behind that bar but go straight through to the back of your piece like that then you pull up a loop and you hold it on your hook again you put it behind that vertical bar but through to the back so that in the back when you look at it you
actually have your hook coming through on another bar in the
back which is the back bar of the stitch that you’re working with
so this is the back of the work when you
stick your hook through and this is the front of
the work so you see you have the vertical stitch here and then of course in the back we have the
vertical stitch you yarn over and pull the yarn through and leave it on the hook again behind the vertical bar through to the back making sure that it is between be stitch in the hole between stitch you wrap your yarn over and you pull through and hold on the hook you continue in the same way all the way across the reason I wanted to start from a
Tunisian simple stitch is because it a lot easier
to show you where the stitch is and what to go
through than it is if I start completely fresh so we continue between the stitches pull the yarn
through and keep on the hook and you do this of course as I said before until the very last stitch so you make sure that you include this last
vertical bar you go between that bar you go into that bar there and of course you have on the back wanna show you the last stitch you have
that vertical stitch there on the back we go through and pull through and there you go you have 12 stitches that are ready to do your knit stitch now and you chain 1 as you did before so you only go
through the first stitch and that is your
turning chain and then you yarn over pull through 2 yarn over pull through 2 yarn over pull through 2 yarn over pull through 2 and that is you Tunisian knit stitch now I’m going to work another
row so that you can see how it’s done again and so that you
can see the difference between the simple stitch and the knit stitch once you
get a good piece going so again to do the Tunisian knit stitch you put it through to the back to work through the stitch pull your yarn over and pull it through and hold through to
the back yarn over pull the yarn through and hold if you haven’t
had a chance to look at the video on the Tunisian simple stitch I encourage you to do that it will make it a lot easier for you to
understand how to do the base row for Tunisian crochet and then to build with the knit stitch what you will find before say that again I
want to make sure that you know that you need to go all the way to the
end and I know I keep emphasizing that but it’s so easy to miss that last stitch and then throw your whole stitch count off because you missed that last stitch what
you will find when you do the knit stitch is that it is a crochet stitch that looks a lot like knitting there so if you take a look at your piece at this piece anyway the bottom here is where I’ve done the Tunisian simple stitch and what you find is that you have this vertical bar it comes across along the front and up here these two rows are your Tunisian knit stitch which look like these upside down “V” I hope you can see that
pretty well there’s a big difference between what
this looks like and what that looks like this look like knitting up here and it looks like weaving so that is how you do your Tunisian knit stitch if you have any questions please
feel free to contact me leave me a comment or send me e-mail and as always have fun

51 thoughts on “How To Crochet – Tunisian Knit Stitch (TKS) Crochet Stitch

  • I want to make a baby blanket but how would I go about doing a project so big when my Tunisian hook it only about a foot long? Any ideas xx

  • Thanks! I'm not sure on size yet lol depends what pattern I choose but what I find difficult is when the hook is soooo full of stitches, it can be difficult to hold the hook and work the row, like im holding the stitches not the hook lol no grip at all. If this makes sense let me know how you deal with it? ๐Ÿ™‚ maybe a video to help? xx ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Oh thankyou! I love your tutorials ๐Ÿ™‚ Hey I've go the simple stitch down, and so I thought I'd try this today .. It's working I think … I mean you can see the V stitches and it looks like yours but on the back I have these HUGE thick rows which look "like" garter stitch a bit .. But I don't know if that's supposed to be there or not?? ๐Ÿ™ any help would be much appreciated ๐Ÿ™‚ thanks again

  • Basically should the back look different than in simple stitch? With this knit stitch I have a much more thick peice. With the simple stitch it was normal thickness .. What I've done is twice as thick! I need to know if this is correct or not please .. Anyone? O_o thankyou!! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you so much for the video. I purchased a beginner's guide book but it is so helpful to see the stitch actually done. Does the curling work itself out when you block? My simple stitch curls so badly but I would so love to make baby blankets for the children's hospital!

  • You just made the best video I have seen in a long time, WOW, Is it possible you can show me (us) how to work a shell stitch into the tunisian stitch. I was trying to follow another video and couldn't understand it. I love the tunisian and shell stitch together, it looks so pretty. The video I saw after she created the shell stitch she cut the yarn and started the tunisian stitch again. I feel that is a lot of cutting, there must be a way to put a shell stitch with out all the cutting

  • I have just today found a pattern for a tunisian stitched shell. I read and re-read the written instructions and thought that I'd better do some research. I watch two other videos before getting to yours. The other 2 were clear on the simple stitch, but I needed "extended Tunisian knit stitch"! Your instructions are very clear and you show the steps CLEARLY! Thank you very much!! Now what is the "extended Tunisian reverse stitch"? I think I can figure out. But thought I'd ask. Thanks again!

  • Thanks did have the correct crochet hook did not remember why I had it but must have seen a piece using the Tunisian simple stitch really like the look okay now off to make a scarf…

  • I am having a problem with the left side of my row, it looks mashed but the right side doesn't, please can you tell me why that is?

  • Sedruola, I am making lots of hat/neckwarmer/convertible mittens (the tops flip on and off the fingers) for sale locally and on Etsy & was in process of finishing my first batch of sets when I discovered your videos. As busy as I was, I could NOT help but put it all aside and practice this, even with a regular crochet hook. Tried both Basic Tunisian & TKS & love the "squishy" fabric that results. Will make fur-yarn trimmed hoods using both. Conventional crochet is too "holey" & lets the wind in!

  • Thanks, Sedruola. I didn't mean to make this into an online chat, but I did want to share one observation about both Tunisian stitches: They result in nice, even stitches along the side (one even resembling the tops of single crochets) that will be so easy to crochet trims and edgings into. I see you have a video on crocheting evenly up the side of conventional crochet, so you know how tricky it can be to do that. Tunisian makes it so much easier.

  • beautiful and clear tutorial. i loved it dear where can i get this crochet needle as i an Indian at present in Doha. Are there sizes in this needles

  • Sedruola, You have the BEST tutorial on the 3 stitches you have! ย I have learned so much from you! I too would love a beanie cap and a headband ย made from this knit stitch! You do awesome work and teaching! Thanks SO MUCH!

  • I agree with the other posts. These tutorials are great. I'm just learning and after watching your videos, I can see myself actually being able to do more than the basic stitch. Thanks so much.

  • i love these videos, i love the knit look and now i can do it with crochet and not have to learn how to knit. Thanks ๐Ÿ˜€

  • easy to understand, this is so much easier than the simple stitch and looks better in my are a good teacher! ย thanks!

  • Thank you so much for making this video. Of all the crochet tutorials I've watched on here, yours are by far the best. I didn't think I would ever figure out the knit stitch, but you explain things so clearly. All those stitches I thought were so complicated aren't looking so difficult now, thanks to you ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Thank you so much for taking the time to demonstrate the Tunisian stitch. I appreciate how careful you are to show us exactly how to do each step. You're amazing!

  • your video was wonderful thank you
    I'm using this stitch to make a harry potter scarf, but my rows are getting crooked. how can I avoid this?

  • I've been interested in Tunisian crocheting for a while now but all the videos I've watched just confused me even more lol. When I saw yours it all fell into place!! You are an excellent natural teacher! Thank you so much!

  • Thank you for the clear instruction! Do you need a larger size hook with Tunisian? Like if your yarn calls for an I-9 hook do you need to use a K hook?

  • Hi thank you for the wonderful video on the Tunisian knit stitch. I am totally blind and watched your video. I don't quite understand where to insert the hook although I do know how to do to Nesian simple stitch. Do I insert the hook in between the vertical bars in the gap? I'm not sure I've been inserting the hook in the space just after the front | and picking up a strand just before the back | yarning over I'm pulling up a loop that loop remains on my hook I do this for the rest of the this correct or not? Thank you for any help you can provide love your videos.


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