How to Crochet the Lorrie Bag – Easy Elegant Purse Tote Handbag by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from
Today I’ll show you how to crochet the Lorrie bag. To do this I’m using two
balls of Bernat Maker,and a size I hook. I’m holding two strands of yarn together
throughout to make this bag sturdy. To begin start with a 24-inch long tail end
for later sewing then make a slip knot. And chain 46. Skip the first chain and
make one single crochet in each chain across. At the end chain one and turn. Working in the back loops only make one
single crochet in each stitch across. Continue making single crochet stitches
in the back loops only for a total of 31 rows. After you have completed this, pivot
your work and fold the handbag in half like this. The rows will form vertical up
and down lines in the bag. With that 24- inch beginning tail end begin sewing
together the one side. You can use any stitch you want. I just like to weave my
needle in and out of the stitches like this. It’s almost like I am lacing up an
item. Once you have completed sewing the seam on the first side, move on to the
next side. Leave 24 inches on this end and cut your yarn. Then fasten off the
yarn with the crochet hook. With your yarn needle sew this other side together.
Once completed this is what your bag should look like thus far. I like using magnetic snaps to close my bag. I like to connect both of them
together first before I do this next part. From the inside, push the one side
of the snap through the front of the bag like this. Place the washer that came
with it on like this. Using pliers, bend down both sides. This holds the snap in
place. Then push the prongs of the other snap through the other side like this.
Place the washer on. Then use pliers to bend down the sides. This makes for a
nice secure closure. This bag is pretty thick and doesn’t really need a lining.
However craft felt makes a wonderful lining for a handbag. Place the craft
lining inside of the bag and sew the lining to the bag using sewing thread
and a sewing needle. To make a nice finish on the bag I like to place a
slipknot on my hook. I like to make one single crochet evenly along the top edge
of the handbag. You can make as many rows as you wish. My sample has three rows of
single crochet stitches with all rows done under both loops as opposed to just
the back loops. And then I like to sew on a button on both sides of the handbag to
cover up the metal snap hardware. Sew the handles on using yarn and a yarn needle.
And you are done! And that’s how I make my Lorrie bag. Please subscribe to my
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