How to Crochet the BEST Kitchen Scrubber Ever!

hey everyone, today we are going to make
some kitchen scrubbies, like these ones You need some tule. This is 31 yards and it is the perfect amount for making two scrubbies. You’ll need a 10mm/US N
crochet hook. I use a blunt ended tapestry needle for this, the nice big
hole make it easier to weave in the tule with. So, we’re go ahead and start with a
slip knot and chain 4. This is going to be a circle start, I know it might be tempting
for those who like doing magic rings, to do a magic ring but this is really the
most durable, so I like this way the best. Chain 4 and then we’re going to slip
stitch into our first chain, so pull yarn through, pull yarn through and here we go we have our circle. Chain two and you’re going to put 14 double crochets into
this circle. This tail here you’re just going to
crochet right on top of it, that way at the end we can just snip it off we don’t
have to weave it in. I might go a little off-camera if I do
I’m just doing the 14 double crochets in the circle just like you. The trick here
is not to pull your tule too tight you want to keep it kind of loose that way
it makes it a lot fluffier. It just looks nicer This is what I have going on over here, I
have a mug and a big crochet hook and then I have my tule sitting on it so
it’s kind of feeds it a little bit better than it just rolling all over the
place. (A yarn butler is ideal for this type of craft) okay, I should have 14 now, for my
beginners for double crochet I teach them to count the post instead of the
top stitches here because this first chain – does not count as a stitch and
if you’re counting the top ones you might get confused of which one do you
count as the first one, so instead for double crochet we count this post here:
so 1, 2, 3, 4, you can even pull it 5, 6, 7, all the way around. [counting out loud to 14] You’re going to join with a slip stitch
to the first chain, so if you’re new to crochet you would follow this post up to
this top stitch right through there. I’m just going to chain one here and then were going to do, 2 single crochets into each stitch, so its the first
stitch here. I’m going to go ahead and put our hook in there and we’re going to do 2 single crochets. Try not to pull the tule too tight, it’s easy to do in this
round. So, just 2 single crochets [Counting 1, 2] [Counting 1, 2] All the way around, I’m fighting my
tule so if I go off-screen, that’s what I’m doing just 2 single crochets (in each stitch) okay, slip stitch to join
to the first stitch there and then grab this tule and just pull it through. There
you go now you’re going to make another one just like that except you will not
join. You’re just going to leave it like with our last stitch on the hook and
this is open. Now, we’re gonna take these these two circles and we’re with the
wrong size together. Okay so, here’s the pretty side, the right side and then this
would be the wrong side, so wrong sides together. Now, I’m going to go ahead and
put my hook into that first stitch there and unlike a regular slip stitch where we just pull through one, we’re going to go ahead and put our hook through any of these stitches on the other circle and we’re going to slip stitch. Pull
the tule through both loops and then through the loop on your hook and we go into the next stitch and the
next stitch on the circle behind. I’m going to pull our tule through both and
then through the tule on the hook and just all the way around so through these two, through these two. Pull your tule through both and then through the loop on the hook
and they all kind of match up together it’s really easy to see where it needs
to go, see, matches up kind of perfect and go all the way around like that make
sure you’re going under both two and then both two loops here. Now we’re out of stitches to go around,
it’s all joined up, so I’m going ahead and go into just this first top loops
here, slip stitch and cut our tule and just finish off. Go ahead, go down into the tule Weave in all your ends. Here’s another one, take it So, yeah I work with it a little bit, since you have a blunt needle like the one I’m using and there you go, You’re finished!

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