How to Crochet – Slip Stitch

How to make a slip stitch As always we’re gonna start with a foundation chain. If you don’t know how to make a foundation chain you should check out episode 1: How to get started. But yeah, in my foundation chain, I changed 6 stitches. The chain on your hook never counts the
same goes for the one right next to it – because they’re connected. So the first real chain you can crochet into is the 2nd chain from the hook. To make a
slip stitch you will insert your hook into the second chain from the hook. Yarn
over and pull out a loop. Now you got 2 loops on your hook. Grab the second loop and pull it through the first loop. This is a slip stitch! Bow let’s try again 🙂
Insert your hook into the next stitch Yarn over and pull up a loop. Now you got
2 loops on your hook. Pull the second loop through the first
and just continue like this.

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