How to Crochet – Loop and Chain Stitches (Foundation chain)

A really good place to start is with a slipknot. Because it’s the starting point for all crochet
projects. Fold the yarn over to create a loop, hold
it together with your left thumb and your index finger. Insert your right hand into the loop you just
created and grap the long tail. Pull it through and tighten the knot. And voila! You just created a slipknot. How to make chain stitches. Chain stitches are also called a foundation
chain and it’s the starting point for most square projects. Insert your hook and pull the long tale to
tighten the slipknot. Make sure it’s not too tight. Place the yarn between your index finger and
middle finger and just lock it – almost like a scissor. Then turn your hand. Hold the knot with your thumb and point your
indexfinger upwards. Now you are ready to make some chain stitches! Put your hook behind the yarn, twist the hook
to catch the yarn again and pull it through the loop. Move your thumb upwards the chain as you go
and repeat until you have worked enough chains for your project. Each stitch will look like a V, so it’s easy
to count how many you have done.

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