How to crochet knit ENGLISH Entrelac Stitch for Afghan or Blanket Official Video Post

99 thoughts on “How to crochet knit ENGLISH Entrelac Stitch for Afghan or Blanket Official Video Post

  • I was working with this and I realized something– I know why you have a tail at the end in the video. I can't believe I've been using this pattern for years and JUST now got it!

    The video said it's a multiple of 12 that you need to work with (7 across, 5 up), but it really isn't. If you count the stitches like I just did, you need 11 for the initial block (7 for the base, and 4 up), and then the rest of the blocks you only need 10 (6 for the base because your 7th stitch is the remainder SLST from the previous block, and 4 up). She added the width to the number of rows, and forgot that you only actually need an additional 4 stitches for the rows up, and you drop a stitch at the beginning for every additional block. So, what you need to work the pattern is a multiple of 10 + 1, and you'll never have that little tail at the end of leftover stitches. 🙂

  • Great job. You explain in such detail and make it look so easy. What kind of a border would you do on this? Thanks for sharing your talents with so many. My sister and I are working on this over the phone. Happy New Year Theresa.

  • Is there a written pattern on how to do this? I can't get the videos to download and my speaker makes it so I can't understand them anyway,.

  • I may not have heard this in the beginning as I was looking for yarn when I started this video, but how many stitches would you suggest for an afghan?

  • I have tried this pattern watching several different youtube videos and found this one to be the easiest to follow, I got the hang of the pattern pretty quickly but had the same problem with too many chains, also, in the video it says multiples of 12 chain but on one of the comments it says multiples of 10, I puzzled over this for a while and suddenly I had a lightbulb moment….if you are doing 7st x 5rows the first block will use 12 chain, however, each subsequent block uses 11 chain because you only pick up 6 loops, the 7th is already on the hook from the previous block. Hope this makes sense

  • I love this pattern and am so grateful to you for posting this video. Thanks to your clear instructions I have now finally mastered this stitch and am currently working on a large throw for my sofa.  I played around with the stitch and row count as I wanted to do a much larger block so if anyone is interested I got a block approx. 3 1/2 inches using the following … Robin Double Knitting yarn (sorry, don't know what the American equivalent is called), 6.5mm Afghan hook, stitch count 14, row count 10…. you need to chain 24 for your 1st block then multiples of 23 for each subsequent block …. remember though, the size of the block will depend on yarn, tension and hook size (I have found the brand of hook used can also make a difference) so its best to work one block first … hope this is helpful

  • I want to make this blanket into a queen size bed how many chains do I need and squares I would like to now soon

  • can you make a border to the blanket I would like to now soon so when I make my block I don't need to add any more when I chain 230

  • "wrap the yarn over, pull through two, wrap the yarn over, pull through two, wrap the yarn over, pull through two, wrap the yarn over, pull through two, pull through two, pull through two  pull through two, pull through two  pull through two, pull through two …..
     Please don't annoy us with the obvious repeats. Sorry, it is just so irritating.

  • I'm not going to die I appreciate it but it was very difficult for me you got to do a lot of counting but I'm not going to give up but it was very difficult for me but keep up the good work and thank you and I still be watching your videos

  • Hey I followed your tutorial and fell in love with it. I did some changes I chained 30 instead of 36. There is no leftover tail at the end of it. Try it you will see. 😀 I am trying to make a scarf pink and black.

  • I want to make this into a baby blanket so do I double the chains (which would be 72) or does it need to be more than that

  • I'm not a beginner this is the first time trying this stitch I got it but what I'd you don't want to change colors

  • Great video . Thank you. I'm a newbie, do you have a video on how to close the edges I a straight line. I mean we will be having half triangles on both sides after I finish, how do I crochet half diamonds or triangles. Hope I made some sense in asking question.

  • hola estoy intentado hacer esta colcha con estos rombos pero los bordes no me quedan a la misma altura me quedan mal si pudieras hacer un poco mas para ver como queda para ver como se hace cuando cambias de hilo gracias un saludo

  • I love this design. Therefore, I made a Tablet Case with this design:

  • Thank you once again! I've always wanted to try this pattern but it looked so intimidating to me
    I love your videos because you always explain it slowly. Your awesome! I wish I could find those gel grips here in Canada but nowhere to be found. I have to use expensive hooks ($10.00) because I drop the hook if it is to narrow.

  • Hola un gran saludo y muchas gracias por compartir tan lindos videos me encanto Dios la Bendiga por traducir esto tan lindo un abrazo y sere su fan desde hoy gracias

  • gracias por la traduccion, me gustaria saber como se hacen los picos de abajo, de arriba y laterales para que no queden huecos. Muchas gracias y un saludo.

  • Is there a way to hide the tails as you go? To crochet them in as you go so they're more secure & look nicer? Thank you

  • This is my first attempt at entrelac. Also have only changed colors once. Tails didn't stay in while I was crocheting over. They seemed to miss the tail completely.

  • Thank you but I am not new to crochet itself. I'm new to the Tunisian Entrelac. I'm unsure on how to hide the tails when switching color during this style of crochet. Any suggestions?

  • me gusta mucho la explicación,pero tengo un fallo ,yo hago el ganchillo con la mano izquierda, hay alguien que me lo pueda explicar con la mano izquierda,gracias y perdonar las molestias .

  • Buen día Teresa. Hace tiempo que la sigo y gracias a usted y al bloc "Tejiendo Peru" he aprendido todo lo que se.
    Muchas gracias
    Carmen of Spain

  • Love this pattern, I have WIP but I'm going to put that aside and try this with your video and try to write it down as I go. Unless you have a written pattern, then I can smoke it crocheting 😀

  • hi. id really like to make an adult size blanket. i was wondering how long should my chain be when i start off? Thanks a lot

  • Muy buena maestra, entendí muy bien es exactamente lo que buscaba todo muy bien explicado y se ve muy bien como hace cada cuadro, solo me falta mi hilo y manos a la obra, gracias.

  • ur gud.I learned another way to do the same thgs,but it was done a different way. I like the other way also,but urs is easier, and faster.everything was clear,and camera view was perfect. thanks very much,and keep doing wat ur doing.

  • Teresa – I see what an expert you are at crocheting! Nice! I have an afghan that was accidentally FELTED – and would like to make it again – but don't have the pattern. If I sent you a photo – might you take a look at it and see if you are familiar with it?? Please reply to [email protected] THANKS!

  • This is terrific instructions. I watched a program on TV but they didn't get as "up close" as this tutorial. I will watch it again with yarn and hook on hand. thanks!

  • I really like this pattern, you made it look so easy. I'm not sure how you finish it, just single in each stitch, including the single between the clusters? Beautiful!!!

  • ⭐ Thank you! I have watched a lot of videos to learn entrelac and yours is the best! Finally…. I understand how to entrelac by rows!!! 😀

  • Warm Winter Knit Crochet Blankets to Watch the Whole way Through! I LOVE YOU!

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  • J'ai compris la façon de faire, par contre j'aimerais connaître le début depuis le montage des mailles car je voudrais me faire une veste. Merci

  • This is such prescribed teaching. You explain everything so clearly. Just exactly what, and how I need to be taught. Clearly, and step by step. This ensures the learner experiences clear instruction and ends up succeeding happily, rather than ending in frustration. Thankyou so much. Xxxxxxxxxxxxx

  • Thank you for this easy to understand tutorial. Just what I needed to make a blanket in this technique that my daughter requested from me!

  • Even though you're teaching, it was driving me crazy hearing you say wyo pull thru two! It's apparent that you're doing it, so it was overkill really! Thanks though for video.

  • I am new. Thank u so much for this wonderful tutortial!! I made an afghan using this pattern in early 1980's. Lost it and been looking. U are a wonderful teacher, thank u so much!!

  • I am looking for a video on how to do a stitch that I was told was called the postage stamp. It starts at a corner and works out to a triangle till you get it the widith you want and then you start to decrease it till it is at a corner. Anyone have any help?

  • Is there a "pattern" that I can download and/or print for my great grandma? She's very interested in this pattern. She also called it the "postage stamp" pattern.

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