How to Crochet: How to Change Colors and Join Yarn

How to crochet – How to change colors when
crocheting [Music]
>>There are two main ways to join in a new color, when adding stripes or adding in a
new ball of the same color. The slip stitch join
Fasten up the old color by pulling up the loop on the hook to make it larger
Snipping the yarn and leaving a tail of at least 15cm then pulling the tail through the
loop Attach the new color at the beginning of the
next row with a slip stitch into the top of the last stitch made by inserting the hook
through the stitch from front to back trapping the new color behind the work with a finger
to simulate it being joined to the fabric Then drawing the loop of the new color to
the front, make one chain to secure and continue working as normal
The end of row join A neater join can be worked at the end of
the last row Simply work to the last step of the last stitch
of the row so that the stitch is unfinsihed and now there are two loops on the hook
Drop the old color and pick up the new color trapping it behind the work with a finger
Draw the new color through all the loops on hook and the stitch is completed
Turn and continue to the next row as normal [Music]

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