How to Crochet: Half Double Crochet (HDC)

Half double crochet as the name implies is a stitch that falls in between single crochet and double crochet, in terms of size and height. To begin, you’re going to chain one more than the amount of stitches you wish to complete. In this case of chain six which means I’m going
to be doing five half double crochets. So to begin I’m going to yarn over once and
I’m going to skip the first two chains here, and work into the third. And yarn over and pull through one. Then yarn over. And pull through all three. Again yarn over once. Insert it into the next stitch. Pull through and pull through all three. Now you’ll notice that I’m only actually going to be completing four half double crochets on this row. That’s because the extra chain stitch at the beginning and the one that I skipped. Pull up and turn. And counts as my first half double crochet. After we reach the end of the row, I’m going to turn the work, and chain two. This counts as my first half double crochet of the row, so to make five stitches wide I’m actually only doing four half double crochets and a turning
chain. So after this I would skip my first half double crochet, since the turning chain counts. Go into the next, and do my yarn over pull through. yarn over pull through all three. You just continue on like that for half double crochet.

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