How to Crochet Front & Back Post Stitches (FPdc & BPdc) | Post Stitch Crochet | Crochet Technique

Hi everyone today is quite a quick video,
I just want to show you how to do front and back post stitches. Now I have made a
small little swatch of double crochet stitches (American terms) and I’ve just
done a few normal double crochet stitches. This works for any stitch, be it
double, treble, double treble – the principle of front and back post stitches
is the same regardless of the stitch. Before tackling a front or back post
stitch first you need to understand the anatomy of the crochet stitches
themselves. So under normal circumstances you work your double crochets, or
whatever stitch it is you’re doing, into the top of your stitch. So the top is
this V here right at the top and you’ll be working into the back loop, front loop
or under both loops depending on what your pattern calls for.
So that is a normal double crochet worked into the top of the stitch. Now
below at the top of the stitch, this long column here is what’s referred to as the
post. So the “body” of the stitch is the post itself. For front post double
crochet, you ignore the top of the stitch where you would normally work and you
place your hook behind the post, which brings the post to the front of your
hook, then you work your stitch as normal. So you’re working around the post. It
pulls up the stitch a little bit – I’ll show you again another front post double
crochet, I’m putting my hook behind the post so it’s at the front of my hook and
I’m just working with stitch as normal. One more time, bring that post so I’m
inserting my hook at the back and bringing it round and if you look at the back you’ll see
the top of the stitches are left unworked. So that’s the front post double
crochet stitch. As I say this works for any stitch. Now for the back post it’s the
reverse, so flip your work and I’m using my thumb to push this post so I can
clearly spot it back here and it’s a bit more tricky (I’ll try and keep my hands out
the way) but I’m putting my hook in in reverse so if you turn your work to you
you can see the post of that stitch is now at the back of my crochet hook and
then you work that stitch as normal and you’ll see it’s wrapped around show you
again this is the hardest one to try and show but I’m coming in maybe if I show
you from the front I’m coming in and out at the back so I’m pushing that post to
the back of my work and you’ll see that the unworked stitches this time are at the
front. Again, coming around making sure the post is on the back of my hook,
I’m working my stitches normal. So it creates this beautiful texture, the
raised texture, so if I hold this up these are my normal double crochet
stitches worked into the top, these are the front post which is sort of raised
up and these are the back post which, if you flip your work around, are the exact
reverse of each other on the back of the work so these are my
back post stitches and these are my front ones as viewed from the back and
my normal ones. So I hope that helps and you can clearly see where to put your
hook for the front post stitches and the back post stitches and it is a really
effective texture that’s created and it’s used for quite a lot of stitches. So
I hope that helps and enjoy front and back post stitching!

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