Hi everyone in this video, I’m going to be showing you how to Create a slipknot how to chain and how to make a single crochet So let’s get started. What you’re going to need is a hook and the one I have here is a size 8 and I have here a Lion Brand Vanna’s Choice size 4 yarn I’m going to show you There are there are so many ways to create a slipknot But this is the way that I was taught and how it’s been working out for me so far So what are you do is I find the tail of the ball of yarn or the skein I place it on my hand now what I want to do is twist this right here Like this now you can twist it to the right and you can twist it to the left. Either way is fine But what you want to do is grab the piece of yarn that is at the bottom See where it crosses you want to get the yarn this at the bottom. So what I do is I Put my fingers through the loop. I grab that yarn After I have grabbed it and pulled it through the loop. I hold on to those two pieces on the side and and pull That’s how it creates a loop. If at any time you need to pause this video to practice this loop. Please do so and then come back when you’re ready So after we’ve created our Slipknot you go ahead and insert the hook through it You want to tighten up the loop but you make sure it’s not too tight or too loose Just enough for it to have wiggle room and you can move it up and down Now next is holding your yarn. The way that I hold my yarn, there are many ways but this has been working out for me I take it over my pinkie. I put it in between my pinkie and ring finger under my ring finger and middle finger and over my index finger So now let’s get started to chain So to chain you’re going to start with 15 so you’re going to yarn over the hook Okay, so you’re going to yarn over the hook as I’m chaining I let go and then I pull through the loop and That’s your first chain and it should look like this. That’s the front and that’s the back So we’re gonna go again your going to yarn over the hook and then you’re going to pull through Yarn over and pull through You’re going to start single crocheting. Insert your hook and have those two little bars over your hook do you see that? So you’re going to pull put your hook through those two loops yarn over pull through that through those loops and you’re going to have something like this You’re going to yarn over and pull through those two and now you have a single crochet You’re going to insert on the next and then I have the two loops on my hook Yarn over pull through yarn over pull through two and that’s my single crochet So now that we’re done all the way to the end of the row we’re going to be left with 14 stitches So if you do have a stitch marker Or just a different colored yarn any type of thread or anything would work I would highly recommend using one as you start learning to do your stitches and going up on your work we go ahead and chain one and We want to do that and that’s what we can that’s what we call our turning chain, so we’re gonna do one and then as you single crochet from here it will be so much easier to enter your hook through the two loops in between so what I do is after I chain, I like to insert my stitch marker or my yarn and start to think of crochet my next row, so You’re going to do what you did on the previous row so you’re going to enter your hook Yarn over You can yarn over this way you can yarn over this way It’s whatever is more comfortable for you and depending on what the hook you have What grabs the yarn better? so you can yarn over and pull the hook pull the yarn through yarn over pull through two loops, and that’s your single crochet and we’re going to continue that You’re going to insert your hook through these two loops yarn over Pull through these two loops gonna look like this And you’re going to yarn over and pull through two loops Again you’re going to insert through these two You see these two little posts you’re going to insert that through Have your hook at the bottom of these two loops yarn over pull Bring up just a bit yarn over and pull through two and that is your second row of single crochet 13 once you start getting at the very end you might have Doubts of like where the end of the chain is we I forgot to put the stitch marker on this side on this end But you for sure can have two stitch markers two pieces of yarn to keep track of both ends So, this is 13 and then 14 might be a little bit hard to see of where you’re going to enter hook because it might seem like You might be done or not sure quite where to put it. But this right here that is horizontal and you still see a hole right here And you can still see these two loops at the top so we’re going to insert our hook through that and between those two posts yarn over Pull through the loops Have two yarn over Pull through two and you have 14 stitches and that is how your so yarn over before we turn every time And that is how you single crochet. If you have any questions, please leave them in the comments down below Happy crafting!


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