How to Crochet for Beginners NEW LEFT HAND tutorial by Naztazia

Hi I’m Donna Wolfe from
Today I’ll show you how to crochet for beginners. This is the left handed
version. Please check the link in the comments for the right handed video. To
begin you’ll need some supplies. The first thing you need is some yarn. I
happen to like Red Heart Super Saver yarn in a lighter color. And you’ll need
a crochet hook. I like an aluminum crochet hook in a size H or 5 millimeter.
Next, there are two popular ways that crocheters hold their crochet hook. The
first is like a dinner knife. You place your pointer finger and thumb about a
third of the way down on the hook and the bottom part of the hook remains in
the palm of your hand. The second method is like a pencil. With this version the
bottom of the hook sits more on the side of the first finger. There are also
several ways to hold the yarn. I happen to favor the classic or vintage method.
In this case the yarn is placed in the other hand and wrapped around the
pointer finger. And then the thumb and middle finger hold the yarn like this. Some crocheters like to place the yarn
between their two fingers instead. While other crocheters hold the yarn in yet
other ways. Whatever feels comfortable for you is perfectly fine. The very first
technique in crochet is the slip knot. This helps give a more solid start to
the work. There are several methods to do this. And I will show you two of them. The
first is to leave about 4 to 5 inches of yarn unworked. Then wrap the yarn from the yarn skein around your pointer finger like this. Tuck the yarn under the loop and pull it
through. And then pull it tighter. That’s a
slipknot. Another way to make a slipknot is to first make a loop with your fingers. Then wrap the yarn around your thumb
like this. Push the yarn through the loop and pull
it through. Then tighten the slip knot. It is now time to insert the hook into the
loop. Pull on the yarn end from the yarn
skein to tighten the loop around the hook. You don’t want it too tight but you
don’t want it too loose either. The chain is the next important technique in
crochet. It is made up of little loops that form a foundation for the other
stitches. To make a chain place the hook in your hand and the yarn in the other
hand. Place the hook downward, catch the yarn, and wrap the yarn like this. Now
with the hook part of the crochet hook, pull that yarn through the existing loop
already on the hook. That is chain number 1. The slipknot we made before does not
count as a chain. This is our first chain. And we repeat the process. Use the hook
end to pull that yarn down and then through the existing loop on the hook.
That is now chain number 2. And we’ll do it again. Notice how I’m
trying to let the yarn flow over my finger while at the same time I’m trying
to regulate the tension so it’s not too tight nor too loose. And there’s the
third chain. And now the fourth chain. Keep going
until you make a total of 21 chains. Remember that slip knot does not count as a chain. Here’s what my 21 chains look like.
The next topic we’re going to cover is one of the basic stitches in crochet
called the single crochet. After making the 21 chains, prepare your hands again
for crocheting. We’re going to skip that very first chain. In crochet we
oftentimes skip one chain or more so that the first stitch doesn’t become too
tight. In that next chain insert your hook. There are several ways to insert
your hook into a chain but the easiest for beginners is just to grab that top
loop like this. Wrap your yarn around and pull it
through. Now you have two loops on your hook. Wrap the yarn around the hook again, also
called a yarn over, and pull it through both loops. You have just made one single crochet. Find the next chain. In this chain we’ll repeat the process again.
Insert the hook into the chain’s center hole. You’ll want to ensure that top loop
of the chain is on your hook. Yarn over and pull that through the chain’s top
loop. Yarn over and pull through both loops on
the hook. And that is single crochet number two. I’ll do this again. Insert hook into the
chain, yarn over, pull through. Yarn over again then pull through both
loops on the hook. There are three single crochet stitches. Continue making these
until you have a total of 20 single crochet stitches on this row. 18 nineteen And twenty. I have a total of 20 single
crochet stitches on this row. Now it is time for row two. We’re still going to
make single crochet stitches but where we place them is going to be slightly
different. At the end of row one, prior to beginning row two, we’re going to make a
chain one. This elevates our work a bit so it matches the height of the next
row’s stitches. And turn the work like this. We are going to skip that first
chain and basically pretend it is not there. Now we’re going to make our first
single crochet of this row into the last single crochet of the previous row. And
we enter our hook into the stitch from underneath like this. Yarn over and pull through both loops.
I’ll show this again. Insert the hook underneath the two top
loops of the previous row’s stitch. Yarn over, and then pull through both loops. Insert the hook here. Yarn over and pull through loops. And once more. Insert the hook, yarn over, pull through. Be sure to count every stitch as you
work to ensure each row has 20 stitches on it. Sometimes that last stitch can be
a bit confusing. And there’s my 20 single crochet
stitches. For your next row, and all subsequent rows, you will continue doing
what you did on row 2. You will make one chain, and then turn the work. Skip the first chain, and proceed with putting one single
crochet over each and every stitch from the previous row. After you have made 20
rows of 20 stitches your work will look something like this. To finish crochet, you will need to cut the yarn approximately 8 inches or so
from where the hook and last stitch were made. This is called the tail end. I like
to make a chain before I finish my work, then pull the yarn through like this. And
then really tug on the yarn to tighten it. These blunt tip yarn needles work great
for sewing in or weaving in the tail-end. I find really squeezing the yarn end’s
tip flat helps it go through the eye of the needle easier. On the side that won’t be noticed as
much, begin taking small stitches with the yarn needle like this. These little stitches are helping to
weave in the yarn ends. I also like to pierce the yarn a bit to create extra
friction. This will help keep the ends from unraveling or coming undone. Once you are finished weaving in the
ends, use the scissors to clip off the excess yarn. And that’s it. You will also
have to remember to weave in that beginning tail in too. And now you have a
nice square that you can use to set down your cellphone on or your keys. I
probably should also mention of how to fix mistakes in crochet. If you are
counting and noticed you skipped a stitch or made the wrong stitch, remove
the crochet hook then slowly and carefully pull on the end that is
connected to the yarn skein. This will remove the loops. Once you remove the incorrect stitches, place your crochet hook back in and continue crocheting
away. And now you know the basics of crochet. To get more videos like this
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