How to Crochet for Beginners : Crochet Hook Tips & Advice

Hi, this is Beth Essington for Expert Village.
We are going to talk a little bit about crochet hooks. There are so many kinds out there.
They have been making hooks for hundreds and hundreds of years, nobody really knows how
crocheting began. They think that probably back hundreds of years ago, maybe for a lack
of objects to get or whatever but they needed things to make clothing with and so a lot
of times it would be torn up blankets or used clothing or a used sweater that they would
undo and then redo with their thread. There is all different ones. This particular crochet
hook is very nice; it is made for your hand and if you, for people with arthritis this
is a great one because it is not as tight to hold onto because you have a nice little
kind of a padded little rubber handle, it works very very well. This is just fancy,
nothing special just plastic with some little glitter in it, just fun that is all. A long
time ago and some women are still doing it today, you can make little tiny doilies or
little lace things and you can’t probably see the end of this but it is a tiny tiny
hook and you use it for a crochet cotton which is a very very thin, not even really a yarn,
more like a little tiny string and this is for a very delicate work. It is pretty time
consuming but very rewarding. This particular one here is made out of bone. I don’t even
remember where I got this but there is a few floating around, I don’t think they are legal
anymore but anyway you can still find them once in a while and it has a little bit of
a curve kind of pretty look to it and a little top there. This is a very long one, I don’t
know why I guess the company just likes to make long crochet hooks. This is a nice big
fat one, you would use this for like the very very thick bulky yarns. I have even crocheted
ribbons and strips of fabric with these before and they make up very nice, they are very
cute. This is another bone one, they use to make them out of ivory years ago, but of course
that is illegal now but this is very pretty too and its got a real pretty little design
on it. Okay, these are afghan hooks; this is for a different kind of stitch where you
end up basically putting on quiet a few stitches on so you need a longer hook than you would
with just your regular size. They have a hook at one end, this particular one has a little
stop at the other end. So if you get like say fifty or a hundred stitches on here, this
will stop it from ever slipping off cause you don’t want to lose your stitches. So they
are fun to work with too.

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