How to Crochet Christmas Light ornament (diy)

Hello everyone this is Yolanda Soto Lopez
of the all all craft channel. And today’s tutorial I’m just going to teach you how to
make these create quick Christmas light bulbs ornaments that you just hang on your tree.
You can do them with any color I did these with gray or silver here to simulate the end
of the bulb where you attach to the string of lights you can use up all your little scraps
of yarn I have I have blue I have different colors you can you can also do them instead
of putting the silver you could do red or yellow or whichever way you prefer. This is
a great project to use up all your scraps it’s easy just see the make and it works of
fast. I hope you like this tutorial and let’s get the party started. Okay everyone to begin
I’m going to a size I hook which is the number nine or 5 1/2 mm. And then I’m just going
to you can get scraps of yarn whatever colors you like you can do red green yellow all the
colors of the light bulbs come in I filmed another tutorial with the darker color and
it was really hard to see so I’m going to redo this and here I also use like a gray
silver color but you could also use green of the same color as the bulb that’s just
suppose to be like the bottom of the bulb and here you can just do chains and loop it
over or or you can just hook them up with your Christmas ornament holders. The little
metal ones. So here I’m using a a medium weight yarn this is a leftover from the Minion hats
I did. I’m using acrylic because it’s very easy to use this was from red heart I think
it’s called bright yellow these are all scraps also from acrylic yarns. So to begin I’m just
going to make my little loop here and then I’m going to chain two, I’m using a yellow
this way it contrasts with the hook and hopefully you can see it better. To make that chain
too tight because then it will be hard to work into, I’m going to chain one, two and
now here in the second chain from my hook I’m going to do for single crochets, remember
this does not count as a chain that’s just the loop so here were going to count 1, 2
is just her harder the first row because it’s really not much to hold onto I’m going to
do one you’re going to need a stitch markers on putting my stitch marker in the first stitch
of every round so that I don’t get lost it’s easy to lose your place. The next stitch here
to whoops let me try to grab something here me try that again it’ll be easier once I have
a a round or two, oops I just lost my stitch marker. three and four okay, so my stitch
marker was here so now I have for single crochets this is my first round were working in the
round so for the next round. In the first stitch I want to do one single crochet. Okay
guys sorry about that I’m trying to put my hands around the tripod and do this, so here
I went to my chain there one, oh no this is old yarn I think it’s starting to separate.
So here want to put my stitch marker in and then the next stitch this is a pattern the
first one will have only one single crochet the second stitch will have to single crochets
and then you repeat that all the way around okay there is one, two the next stitch if
I can kind of pop it this way will have one single crochet one, and then the last to share
of the round will have to one, and two, were working are in round so were not turning our
work over let me see if I can pop this a little bit that way so I can see better I just pulled
on the table to kind of close it off. So here is my next round the first stitch of the round
for round round three were going to do to two single crochets in every stitch meaning
you have an increase in every stitch so here we go one, let me put my stitch marker back
in their two, two and every stitch, some just working that too in every stitch and my last
stitch here has to single crochets one, two. Okay so that’s her third round. I went to
trim this little tail because it’s getting in the way. Okay now okay now here for rounds
four through 10, you’re just going to do one single crochet in every stitch and it will
start taking shape I’m going to put my stitch marker in there because I want to know which
row I’m on, so this will be round four. I’m just going to work one single crochet in every
stitch until I have 10 rounds so and I’m starting here around four you can use a notepad something
to write on how many rows you’ve done also here you have little row counters you can
do it this way as well whoops guys it was upside down and so here around round for so
every time I go around I can switch to five, six, seven so I know which row I’m on. These
help a lot when you’re doing on knitting are doing a lot of rows. So here I’m going to
go ahead and finish working my rounds four through 10 with one single crochet in each
one. It will grow pretty fast because it’s such a small piece. Even though it says rounds
four through 10 you’ll have it done in no time so here I come into the next round. If
you don’t have a stitch count or just draw a little line and you know how many you have
so here going to my next one this is five I’ll put my stitch marker in and then I switch
to fight some people tell me they get lost and don’t know what row the round so I’m going
to come back when I have finished my 10 rounds. Okay I finished my 10 rounds now here I’m
going to get some poly fill some fiber filled if you don’t have you can use cotton balls
or little scraps of yarn, on a pull out my stitch because I don’t want to lose my place
I went are you my stitch marker just so that I can stuff it. So here you want to with a
little bit at a time and you just going to shape it and give it some shape make a firm
but not so tight that your fiber is showing through the stitches. I put in quite a bit
because I want to work some decreases. I stop that there now I know that I’m going to put
that’s my first stitch there so now here for the next round and a single crochet for myself
first stitch for my stitch marker in there and then I’m going to do a single crochet
decrease over the next two stitches. Meaning that I’m bringing two stitches together I
grab my arm I’m not going to close it up yet go to the next one rabbit and pull it through
all three so I did a little decrease and then I’m going to do the next one, single crochet
three and four okay so you decrease single crochet for and now and the next two spaces
I want to do a decrease one I’m just trying to get a little smaller not too bad. And a
single crochet in each one to the end at this stage if you miss one stitch of your one too
many are one too few it’s okay is not really going to make much of a difference because
it’s just it’s just really forgiving it doesn’t really show. So there I have that there. So
now for the next row row 12 I’m just going to do one single crochet in each stitch that
said just one single crochet went up on my stitch marker back in their and do one
basically on the previous row I just wanted to work like to decreases kind of space them
out a little bit so here to get in here already now going to change to the gray color if you
have it you can also do this part with the green it really doesn’t matter were just doing
the base of the light. Here’s my first stitch and I want to change color so here let me
cut this off so I’m going to grab my hook put it in their without taking out the yellow
and a pull out my new color and do my single crochet right there and I want to pull these
taunt the yellow and the gray and make a knot and you don’t have to worry about this because
are going to be on the inside I just got kinda short so they will show just cut it just like
that that was my first stitch so now I’m just going to a single crochet in each one let
me put my stitch marker there I just change the
just like that and this is just not like oh what happened I don’t know, I guess that’s
the bad part about using old yarn sometimes it splits easily. But son about these ornaments
is that you can put on your tree and the kids are going to break them. You could put this
on the children’s trees if you do two separate trees. Okay here we go, and here you can do
either two or three more rounds in the gray, and that’s all I want to do is starting to
look a little fuzzy the camera I don’t so here that’s my second round. I think I’m going
to do another two rounds. These are all single crochet I don’t I don’t stitch them shut and
and I’ll show you why in a minute I don’t think you really need to not really going
to show so I think I want to do one more round so I have three rounds of the gray
see how fast it goes really fast. If you want this part to be thinner you can add another
decrease to make it more narrow this is just a quick fun project
when I get here this is going to be the last row of my gray you can also this part in a
different color okay so not here my first stitch I want to slip stitch into that first
stitch if you have those little metal ornament hangers or strain you can just go ahead and
fasten often even like this I like to put I’m going to just folded like this and do
10 chains and find the other half and then I just do one, two, three, four, five, six,
seven, eight, nine, and 10 and then I’m going to go cross here and just slip stitch across
so that I can do something to hang it with and then I leave a tail so I can sew it in
their weave it in pull out through I’m going to weave in my tail see I think it might be
a little more stuffing so this would be a good time to add some extra stuffing. I just
don’t like to stuff it so tight that you can see the stuffing inside when you put too much
so let me see what is too much to just love the way I just ad lib. this like a let’s go
check it out so this is it if you want to close the top you cringe so it shut but here
I just need to so in my tail shape this more in this by little lightbulb and I can handle
this here I’m going to so in my tail and come back and show you what it looks like when
it’s done. You can make these all different colors and hang them on your Christmas tree
or if you want to make a garden just make a make your long chain and hang on and then
you just chain along the top here and attach them there whichever way you want to do and
as a garland you can hang it on your mantle or along the windows or were ever you want.
It looks really cute so let me hide in that tail and not come back and show you what it
looks like without that tail as you can see I have sown in my tail and here’s one in yellow
a different one in yellow and green and since it’s open you could stuff it more shape and
more whatever you want. I hope you enjoy this tutorial please be sure to subscribe hit the
like button and remember always that God loves you.

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