How to crochet Chanel boy bag

Prepare: Yarn: 2. Hook: number 4. Sewing needles. key, Chain link straps, canvas…. Front of body: 41 chain, 12 row, use Corn pattern like guide. first row 9 corn, second row 10 corn,…. then hook on canvas Rear body and cap: 33 chain, 26 row corn pattern. first row is 7 corn, second is 8 corn. Hook 6 single row around, Leave a space for the lock. then hook on canvas like my guide. Hip pocket: 2 pieces: 12 chain.26 row single crochet then hook around. dont hook on canvas. Bottom of bag: 40 chain, 12 row single crochet. then hook on canvas Stitching the pieces together Front and bottom transplant Then put the back cover and cover. Attach accessories Sew the lining pad Stitching 2 pieces of hip pocket Sew the rest to complete

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