How to Crochet Chain Stitch, Single Crochet, Double Crochet

Hi there, I’m Benjamin Krudwig and some of you might recognize me from from my latest feature over there. If you want to
check out my shop It’s and I’ll post a link there for ya You can get awesome hats like this or any
other items that you would like I’m actually talking to you today because
I’m going to start doing crochet tutorials crochet is an art that has been around for
and decades and hundreds of years honestly and I thought
it’s something that I love why don’t I share with the world so I’m going to do
that through tutorials here I’m going to start with the basics and then go
through to more advanced stuff like actual hats maybe even some tapestry crochet
which is what this octopus garden hat is made
with, so yeah enjoy! The first lesson is going to be
the basic chain stitch and then the single crochet and maybe even
perhaps the double crochet so enjoy and I hope you learn a lot from
this thank you let’s get started so first of all you do
need is yarn right here and also a crochet
hook I’m using a Susan Bates I believe a boyes I apologize size G and it’s one of my favorite
hooks I’m just because it G gives a nice even
stitch. this yarn is a worsted weight yarn, cotton 100% percent cotton I really like the way that
feels in the hands and it creates really soft fabrics this is a center pull ball, you’ll find
most of that to be the case when you buy yarn is
either a center pulll ball or a skein of yarn so yeah let’s get started so we’re gonna
start with the chain stitch where you have to create a loop first so you just tie a loop like so and then you put it on your crochet hook you yarn over from behind pull through and that’s the chain stitch so you just yarn over pull through yarn over pull through yarn over pull through and you do that for as many
chains you would like pull some yarn out there for you what you wanna do so say we were making a scarf or
something you want to get enough chains to start a row so for a nice regular size scarf, about 10 to 15 chains would be fine so I’m at 5 six now so the seven 8 9 10 11 12 13 14 15 and then what you want to do is when
you start your scarf is you chain one more because that’s about the length of
one row a single crochet and that’s the stitch
I’m going to teach you in just a second so for single crochet you put your hook through the stitch you yarn over pull through once yarn over again and pull through both
loops let me do that again for ya. So you go
through once yarn over and pull through and see you
have two loops on the hook
right now and the you yarn over one more time pull
through both loops do that for as many chain stitches
as you made that way you get a nice row of single crochet. of course I have to
pull yarn out every now and again when you first a center pull ball sometimes
the yarn doesn’t really like to come out
very easily there’s a lot of silence when it comes
to crocheting so sorry about that it’s nice to listen to
music I’m not doing it now so you can understand me when I speak otherwise you know I’d be listening to Beatles or
really anything on my play last and sometimes I crochet to music so when I’m crocheting I actually
start going with the rhythm of the music, so faster
music makes me crochet a bit faster which is nice and I have a bunch orders and softer music helps me crochet on you know slower that way I’m not ya know, overdoing anything. one thing to keep track of is the
tension that you have on your yarn if you’re really really
tight you’ll get a really tight weave or crochet on your fabric that doesn’t make it very flexible and it can be like when it’s really stiff it’s
not comfortable if it’s a hat or a scarf if it’s too loose then it will be too
open to0 airy and it won’t fit properly so you wanna
make sure that you get a right, a proper tension on your yarn if it looks like you’re stretching
your yarn on slow down a little bit you know calm down don’t try and crochet
late at night if you’ve had a stressful day you’ll be a little bit more tense when
you’re crocheting even though it might help you calm down
and if you’re working on a project you know you don’t want to have something to tight and then mess up your
gauge and I know I haven’t spoken about
gauge yet so gauge is how many stitches per inch both across and down so if you have like I have five stitches here and it’s
probably inch-and-a-half wide, that’ll be your gauge as far as width goes, and then you’d
have to calculate the same thing how many rows per inch and going down your fabric so I’m gonna
finish this row with single crochets and then I’m going
to teach you the double crochet it’s a really common stitch in a
lot of projects especially scarves. It’s a fast
stitch so you don’t really have to worry about
having not enough time on your hands to do it but it’s a lot of fun and it gets you
through a project quickly it’s more open so it’s not really great
for garments and it’s not really great for winter
hats for fall hats or for summer skull caps you know it’s kinda trendy these
days, then it would be fine so at the end of my row I’m right here and we have to chain 2 because
two chains is about the height of a double crochet so that’s just to start this row so that
was two chain stitches so you can turn your fabric most of the
time you can’t unless you do a crab stitch which I’ll teach you later on, it’s a
more complicated stitch where you don’t have to turn your
project around which is nice cuz get just a right
side rather than a right side in a wrong side so for a double crochet you yarn over once with your needle or hook it’s an interchangeable word. you
then go through your stitch you go through
both layers if you can see there’s two parts there’s the front of the stitch and the
back part of the stitch and you want to go through both yarn over again pull through once so now
you have three loops on your hook yarn over again pull
through two loops and you have two loops again yarn over pull through the finishing
two loops and that is a double crochet I’ll do that again for you so yarn over
pull put through your stitch yarn over and
pull one through yarn over pull through two loops yarn over again pull for the remaining two loops so as you can’t see i was having a little
trouble there that was not OK, you get a taller
stitch it’s about you know twice as tall as the single crochet, so that’s why
it’s really speedy and really great for flexible scarves. so that is one thing about
the double crochet compared to single crochet it’s a lot
more flexible so you’ll get a nice drape from your
fabric and a drape is just how it lays down basically if it’s
really stiff you don’t have a lot of drape it and if it’s super flexible you
have a lot of drape so it’s really you know fitting for scarves and it’s okay for hats I prefer the
single crochet for hats just because it’s warmer, and you
get more of an actual fabric feel from there. so ya so that’s two rows of single crochet with one row of double
crochet you know it’s a lot of fun to crochet and it’s super stress relieving for me so I recommend it and I hope that
this will help you get you know started on your own
projects and if you have any questions feel free
to comment below and ask me a question and I’ll get back to
you as soon as possible and don’t forget to check out my website
and I’ll post the link again for you for hats and everything else that you could
possibly want from crochet I’m always up to doing custom orders so feel free to look at that as well. if you have any questions and you don’t
wanna comment you feel free to email me at [email protected] I’ll post that link as
well enjoy and I will see you next time

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  • @MsCarla44 hey! glad you like this! I buy my cotton yarn off of the internet from peaches and creme, however you can buy a similar brand called sugar and cream from Lily at any hobby lobby or joann stores 🙂

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  • @xTHExFALLx chances are that your stitches are too tight. I suggest relaxing your yarn hand. don't pull so tight when making a stitch. I can't remember which video at the moment, but I think it is the color change tutorial where I talk about tension a bit more.

  • @xTHExFALLx your first chain will go all spiraly, just carefully straighten it as you go.
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  • Note for beginners: 100% cotton yarn will separate more easily than wool. If, while you're pulling your yarn through your work, the result looks strange, look to see if a thread of the work got stuck with your hook.

    I first had that problem when starting to make washcloths, which are also a perfect item to learn and get better at making clusters. Good luck to all my fellow crochet crafters 🙂

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